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10 Best Places to Visit in Australia

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Kangaroos, beaches, islands and awe-inspiring natural wonders make Australia the tourist’s favorite place. It is a land of dreams. It is the largest island in the world and the smallest continent. Enjoy its laid-back life by exploring national parks, play the best pokies on new pokies, relax on a beach under the sun or revel the city’s night, it has attractions for every age or gender.

Follow our handy guide for convenience and explore the top attractions of this beautiful country.

Sydney Opera House

Located in Sydney, this place is the world’s greatest architectural icon which is bound to leave you in awe. It is like a shape of huge shell and water surrounds the monument from three sides.

Greatest Barrier Reef

This place is the largest coral reef structure present on this planet. It can be seen from space and is one of the seven wonders of the natural world. Every year millions of tourists visit this remarkable place and enjoy the unforgetting experience of scuba diving and snorkeling.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

The striking red monolith is considered as the most photographed destination in the country.

  • This huge rock is owned by the Aboriginal people.

  • This park offers bike rides and tours for visitors to enjoy its astounding beauty.

  • The colors of Uluru can be seen when the sun dips in the sky.

Fraser Island

75-miles long beach with dunes, shipwrecks and tidal pools. It is one of the must-to-visit spots in Australia.

Gold Coast

It is known as a Surfer’s Paradise with a stunning view of a beach.

  • High rise hotels and condos

  • Dining options for beachgoers.

  • There are lots of ways to have fun.Try luxury hotels, the beach or play Australian Slots for excitement.


Simply can be termed as the most livable and coolest city of the country. Main highlights include:

  • Queen Victoria Market

  • Federation Square

  • Graffiti lane

Barossa Valley

Located outside of Adelaide, it is home to Australia’s finest vineyards. Come and enjoy the peace.

Bondi Beach

A great way to soak up in water surrounded by beauty is to explore the strong waves of Bondi Beach.

Kakadu National Park

It is the largest national park with a diversity of wildlife and rainforests.

Port Douglas


  • An easy-going spot in Queensland’s North.

  • A fascinating coast and a resort town.

  • Home to biodiverse rainforest.


And you have got it! A list of all amazing places in Australia which are certain to give you sparks of absolute joy and thrill.

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10 Best Places to Visit in Australia

Kangaroos, beaches, islands and awe-inspiring natural wonders make Australia the tourist’s favorite place. It is a land of dreams. It is the largest island in the world and the smallest co...