4 Places in Australia That Definitely Deserve More Attention

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There is no denying that Australia is a magical place with a rich history, exotic islands, isolated beaches and dazzling natural wonders. That is why every tourist is amazed by its beauty. If you are a frequent traveller, before your trip to Australia, you will either google the top-attractions or ask a local to inform you about the most popular destinations. For sure, you will be recommended to visit the Sydney Opera House, the famous Bondi Beach and Uluru National Park. They are certainly worth seeing, and they will win your heart.


However, some people get lost among the rocks while beautiful gems are standing in front of them. There are other numerous destinations which are out of the ordinary. Why not visit those as well? Just because they are not so mainstream, doesn't mean that they should be missed out. There are a number of outdoor activities to do. Moreover, if you are looking forward to having a stress-free trip, in order to escape from the crowds, those destinations are the perfect place to be.




Below are listed 4 places in Australia which deserve more attention:


Located in West Australia, just within an hour from Perth, Mandurah abounds with plenty of activities to do and marine life to explore. If you are up to having a relaxing day, escape into the peaceful Amaze Miniature Gardens or go on a dolphin tour. If you are into an entertainment mood, Mandurah is a perfect destination for taking a round of golf. People in Australia can't simply resist the Cut Golf Course because they are so enthusiastic about this sport. It is a big thing in the country, and it's the second most popular sport in Australia. Many Aussies are very excited about it, so betting on golf is a common thing among them. If you like placing bets on golf, there are reliable ways to do so. Just find a sportsbet au review for instance, and see for yourself. Put yourself into action while enjoying the marvellous coastline views!




Esperance is another gem in Western Australia. Known for its sandy beaches and turquoise crystal waters, this destination offers a lot of pleasure to beach lovers, paddle boarders, surfers and scuba divers. One of the most breathtaking beaches is Thistle Cove beach. Let the ocean foam touch your feet while the waves hypnotize you. Continue your expedition by visiting the Cape Le Grand National Park and explore its flora and fauna. Finish your adventure with a hike and enjoy the dramatic sunset from Fisherman's Peak.



Hyden is undoubtedly one of the most astonishing places in Western Australia. The West side of the country is perfect for an adventure, and this town is well-known by the unconventional and exceptional Wave Rock. With is 15 m height, 2.7 billion years old and the different shades of brown, the Rock is one of a kind. Animal lovers will have the chance to meet popular Australian species such as koalas, wombats and white kangaroos at the Wave Rock Wildlife Park. There is more to explore. Hyden is also attracting attention with its Mulka's Cave, where a lot of Aboriginal arts can be found.

Phillip Island

Distanced approximately 140 km from Melbourne, this destination is famous for its penguins' parade which attracts everyone who visits the island. The fun fact is that they can be seen during sunsets while returning to their natural habitats from fishing. Another popular location is the unique Vietnam Veterans Museum, which offers tourists to see a range of artefacts and galleries who represent the Vietnam War. With its light shows, the Museum is an extraordinary experience. The adventure and fun never stop on this island. While sports lovers can enjoy a car or a motorcycle race at the Grand Prix Circuit, foodies can taste the yummy chocolate at Panny's Phillip Island Chocolate Factory.

4 Places in Australia That Definitely Deserve More Attention

There is no denying that Australia is a magical place with a rich history, exotic islands, isolated beaches and dazzling natural wonders. That is why every tourist is amazed by its beauty. If you are a frequent traveller, before your trip to Australia, you will either google the top-attractions or a...

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