Top Things To Do In Christchurch

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Any traveller moving through southern New Zealand would be highly advised to make a stop in the famous town of Christchurch. This laid back and lively city is the perfect mix of historical charm, lush green expanses, fun activities, and great dining. There is so much to do in the Christ Church region that you will certainly want to have an itinerary in order. Each year thousands of campervan hire new zealand travelers pass through this town in order to enjoy the unique charms of this legendary south New Zealand hotspot. If you are planning on being one of them, then check out these top activities and places to see in the region.


City Tour


There are many ways to tour the historic town of Christchurch. Of course you can always set out on your own, taking in the streets and sights with a map or your GPS. Christchurch is a very pedestrian friendly town, so you can easily spend a great day wandering and taking in the sights. There are a wide variety of guided tours as well, including the particularly popular bike tour and bus tours as well. No matter how you end up going about it, it is highly recommended that you get out and about in this inviting city.




In a country with the historical interest of New Zealand, it is no small feat that Christchurch has an incredibly colorful history which rivals that of any other region in the country. A great way to learn about this history is to see some museums. The Air Force Museum of New Zealand is popular, as is the Canterbury Museum which details the history of the region. You may also want to check out Quake City which details the recent earthquakes which devastated the area and learn about the rebuilding efforts. Don’t forget that Christchurch is known as the gateway to the Antarctic, a notion on display in the fascinating International Antarctic Centre.




Sometimes a weary traveller on a campervan hire new zealand journey just wants to be entertained, and this will not be a problem in Christchurch. There are enough options here to make your head spin. There is The Court Theatre where you can check out local productions, Ko Tane where you can witness Maori culture up close and personal, and the Isaac Theatre Royal which is not only a spectacular sight but also a host to world class shows and events.


Experience The Parks


Christchurch is known as an incredibly lush and green city, which gives it its proud nickname of Garden City. There are a variety of amazing gardens and parks all over the city ready for your exploration. You will definitely want to check out Hagley Park, a massive green expanse in the centre of the city, and the Botanic Gardens where you can witness a wide range of habitats both local and global on the lush grounds. It is highly recommended that you also experience the New Brighton Pier where you can enjoy sweeping ocean views.


You don’t have to venture out into the forests to experience New Zealand’s rich wildlife. You can experience them right in the centre of Christchurch at the Orana Wildlife Park. Here you will see giraffes, lemurs, lions, rhinos and much, much more. You should also check out Willowbank, which is of particular interest to bird watchers. The notoriously elusive Kiwi can be spotted here if you are lucky, so make sure to be on the lookout.


There is plenty of adventure to be had in the surrounding Christchurch region. For starters you can hit up one of the greatest bike trails in the country at Bottle Lake Forest, where plenty of rentals are available. Avid bikers are also highly recommended to check out McLeans Island Track, also beloved by two wheeled fanatics. There are a variety of horse riding tours available in the surrounding countryside as well, and the Waimakariri River is close at hand for those looking for some canoeing or rafting action. The surrounding Canterbury countryside is perfect for long hikes as well, so make sure to bring your hiking shoes. No matter the type of adventure you may be looking for, Chirstchirch has you covered for sure.

No campervan hire new zealand trip through southern New Zealand is complete without a long stop in Christchurch. This charming and pleasant city is home to amazing parks, an abundance of urban activities, and endless outdoor adventure options in the surrounding region. Backpackers and road trippers have come to love Christchurch over the decades, and the locals are always welcoming and used to travellers. Many travellers have said that they had a hard time leaving this wondrous southern city. Hopefully you will feel the same way after a couple of wondrous days in the unique and charming Christchurch.


Top Things To Do In Christchurch

Any traveller moving through southern New Zealand would be highly advised to make a stop in the famous town of Christchurch. This laid back and lively city is the perfect mix of historical charm, lush green expanses, fun activities, and great dining. There is so much to do in the Christ Church regio...

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