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Tips for Managing Your Business Remotely

Let's start by explaining a little about what it is and later we can talk about its advantages and how to carry it out.

This novelty that is acquiring so much importance, aims to help in the management, organization, and control of the company. They help companies plan remotely to find creative ways to ensure a balance between the provisions relating to personnel and workloads.

What tools should I use?

To take a business from a distance there are tools that have become indispensable such as Dropbox, Skype, Evernote, Basecamps, Wunderlist and KeyANDCloud among others. You will need to transfer the payment regularly, so it’s essential to have a prepaid visa card. To begin, we will explain a little about what each app is about in order to get an idea and start thinking about which one suits our needs:


Dropbox is a system that allows you to store files (both small and large) and open them later from any device. For this reason, you can view your files from anywhere and in any situation. Dropbox has a free and paid version. The latter allows you to have more storage space. This storage system is found on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac operating systems as well as via the web.


Skype is an application that allows you to communicate in real-time and from anywhere in the world with whoever you want. In addition, you can now communicate from tablets and mobiles. There is a paid version and a free version. Skype is available for iOS and Android operating systems and for Windows and Mac as well as via the web.


Evernote allows you to have your tasks organized with lists and reminders. Your notes will be available on any device so you can access them whenever you want. You can also have saved images, documents, and texts and if you want, share them with others. Evernote has a paid version and a free version and is available on operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry. It is also found in versions for Windows, Mac and via the web.


Basecamp is a very useful organizer and task manager "for teams of people who work collaboratively." This task tool allows you to create lists of tasks, share files with others, establish projects, show the events produced in your projects over time and allow a "fluid flow of information between collaborators" among others. It is available for mobiles with iOS and Android operating systems.


Wunderlist will allow you to organize all your projects and share them with others in a simple way. Stay up to date with all your tasks, be they leisure or work, because this tool will not allow you to pass the due date! Wunderlist has a paid version and a free version for all mobile devices and macOS, Windows and Chromebook operating systems.


Online billing program par excellence. Only by entering the trial version one day you can already perceive all the functionalities and how intuitive it is. It allows creating invoices and budgets in seconds, in addition to creating periodic invoices and controlling the stock of our items. It integrates with different accounting programs and becomes a great collaborative management platform for both agencies and end-users. In addition, via the web, you can connect from any device.

Thanks to the total implementation of the Internet in our lives and our companies, the management model of a company has changed completely. You can run a company without being continuously present (physically) in it. Do you want to know how to run your business remotely? We have 10 key tips for you.

1. Detailed programming

If you want everything to go as planned, it is best that the planning is in writing, as detailed as possible and subsequently sent to all the staff of your team. Of course, it may be subject to modifications, changes or unforeseen events that must be communicated to you immediately.

2. Always be available

Logic. If you are not physically present at least you will have to be via mobile, mail, Skype... any form of direct contact that allows your company staff to contact you if any problem or unforeseen arises.

3. Having a good work team

Having the best team in your company is essential. They have to be decisive, capable, organized and responsible people. They must know how to perfectly carry the work and pace of the company in any situation.

4. Exploit the strengths of each

Obviously, everyone will have their special skills for different tasks or sectors of the company. Your duty is to get the best of themselves, each in their work area.

5. Avoid weak points

They will also have their weakest points: there will be those who, for example, is fatal in serving clients but very good in internal organization. It is a matter of knowing each of the weaknesses of each worker in your company and not commissioning tasks or projects that they cannot take care of.

6. Video calls on a regular basis

Programs such as Skype or Google Hangout have unimaginably facilitated the lives of many companies. If you want to control yours remotely, they are a key element that you cannot do without it, it will allow you to be present in important meetings, in the day-to-day of your company. It is a breakthrough.

7. Delegate

To be able to run a company in this way you have to start by knowing how to delegate to the people who work with you. For many entrepreneurs, this is not an easy task, since they prefer to do important things firsthand to feel more secure. But if you trust the people around you and delegate to them, you will see the number of advantages that it has for both you, your company and your employees.

8. Working as a team

Another good way to be calm without being present is to form work-teams in which one of the members is directly responsible for what happens. If any problem happens or has any questions, he will be in charge of contacting you to solve it.

9. Continuous training

It may seem like something without much relationship, but having constant training will allow your employees to be increasingly able to cope with the company's day-to-day life with more safety and quality in their work.

10. Constant supervision

You will have to be regularly aware of what is happening in your company. It is understood that if they do not contact you it is because everything is on wheels, but even then, your duty is to be informed of everything that happens.


Running a company had always required your physical presence but with the rise of the internet, this fact has changed. Now we can take our company at a distance, more comfortably and, above all, less stressfully. This new form of distance management is becoming very important and, for this reason, we want to inform you about the steps to follow to take it along with its advantages. So, catch up with us! Here’s a complete guide on how to successfully manage a small business remotely.

In conclusion, managing a business from a distance is very easy and has many advantages such as the fact of not having to be physically present every day. However, we must remember that although we are not physically present, we must remain in touch to be able to closely monitor the business and for possible problems. For this reason, we find tools like Skype that will keep you informed. We must exploit all the options and tools offered and make the most of them.

Tips for Managing Your Business Remotely

Let's start by explaining a little about what it is and later we can talk about its advantages and how to carry it out. This novelty that is acquiring so much importance, aims to help in the management, organization, and control of the compan...

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