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Simple tips to make your office more eco-friendly

  • Written by News Company

Climate change and the preservation of the environment are becoming increasingly important topics of conversation. In fact, it is probably fair to say that they can no longer just be topics of conversation, they need to be actual action points. The time of thinking global but acting local is here and we need to be influencers of change both at home and in the workplace. It is quite easy to implement changes in the home, but the workplace can be tougher. But changes can still be made, and they can have remarkably big impacts. Here are a few angles you might want to consider.

Go paperless

Given that almost everything is now originated digitally there really is no need to print documents and store them. Paper comes from trees and for each ream that we run through the printer, it means another tree has been felled somewhere. It is quite ironic that we all protest and complain as the Amazon burns, but safely ensconced in our office on the other side of the world we think nothing of what we are doing to contribute to similar destruction through profligate printing. Digital storage solutions are now top class and there is no need for a filing cabinet or anything along those lines to make your life easier. Rather Google something like ‘document management Melbourne’ to find a locally-based company that will manage all your electronic storage concerns. They will help you make sense of all your paperwork, without there even needing to be paper!


If you are not already recycling, then you have to start immediately. It is just socially irresponsible if you aren’t. It is such an easy thing to implement as well. Instead of a single bin for all your rubbish, sort it into glass, paper, organic and plastics. From there it is easy to have collected and the problem stops being yours.

Put back

Be aware of the damaging actions that your company is paying for and plan to mitigate against them. For instance, you might want to come up with a strategy that plants a tree for each flight that your executives take. It is a simple process and it can be factored into your overall travel budget, but it will help to make the world a greener and healthier place. And it will raise the level of consciousness around travel and its effects on the environment. Maybe you will be able to cut down on the number of trips the company pays for annually.

CSI with an environmental focus

If your company has a CSI budget, then look to have it directed towards doing good for the environment. And if it doesn’t have one then look to use the staff development budget for this instead. You could do a team-building initiative that involves cleaning up a local river or along a stretch of coast. Whatever it is, take a creative approach to grow your staff, making them aware of the bigger picture and doing good for the world at the same time.