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Women must try this lingerie

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Lingerie, besides being basic to cover the most intimate parts of the body, is a lethal weapon that gives off sensuality and security. Women underwear makes us feel the nature of femininity in full bloom. Although it is not visible to the eyes, we always worry that it looks its best, by combining it and even selecting it according to the occasion. They are the most basic garments of our wardrobe and are those that build the wardrobe from its foundations. Having a good lingerie collection will always be the best investment, so don't think twice when buying a good bra or panties.

Remember to buy and wear it thinking of you and nothing but you. Forget that the lingerie is used to please or seduce men, it is to enjoy your sensuality and feel confident from the inside. Although it is not seen, you should ensure that it is in good condition and, above all, is hygienic, since it is in contact with very delicate parts of the body. Forget about the outgoing rods or the torn panties, as well as those garments that you no longer have left. Wearing the right size and design according to your body shape is essential so that the lingerie fits perfectly, but most importantly, it must be comfortable.

There are basic pieces of lingerie that should never be missing in a woman's wardrobe, those necessary for every moment of our life, and here we show you the one that you should always consider having in your closet.

A good black bra for every occasion

This garment is the most basic thing you should have in your lingerie drawer. A good black bra goes with almost all the clothes, except with light tones, or unless your intention is to be transparent. In addition, it is a very sexy colour that will combine with any panties. It is essential that you choose the right size and invest a little more in a design that goes according to the size and shape of your breasts, it may be somewhat expensive, but it is worth at least having a high-quality one that keeps everything in its place.

Lace garments

Lace is an extremely sexy and romantic element. Beyond using it to be in intimacy with your partner, feeling sexy is very important for our self-esteem, it gives us a boost of confidence and makes us feel feminine. Buy sets or pieces separately that can combine with each other.

Strapless Bra

Bra straps completely ruin any blouse or dress with bare shoulders. Some women feel uncomfortable wearing this type of bra because it does not offer the necessary support, the reality is that you only need to find the right size and design that best suits your body.

Push Up Bra

Regardless of the size of your breasts, extra support will never hurt. If your breasts are small, with more reason, you should consider having at least one of these. There are special occasions when a push up is necessary to enhance a neckline.

Seamless interiors

In some garments, especially in dresses of thin fabrics, the seam of the underwear is inevitably marked, and this is not flattering. You should definitely consider having this type of panties, preferably in neutral colours.

Bra in neutral tones

This is basic to be able to combine them with your entire wardrobe. In addition to black, you should focus on shades such as white, beige, nude and grey, so you can choose the ideal colour that goes with your outfit without being transparent. Choose comfortable and simple designs to use in daily life.

Comfortable cloth bra

There were definitely days when you preferred to walk without a bra for life, but after a while, many of us can feel discomfort due to lack of support. A cloth bra is a perfect solution, and it feels like you're not wearing something underneath, and there are very attractive designs that will also highlight your femininity.

Sports bra

While you exercise, your breasts need support, using an incorrect bra can cause back problems and sag. If you are a girl who exercises every day or every day, it is essential to invest in this type of bra. You can have three or a pair and wash them; the fabric with which they are made dries easily.

Granny panties

Along with the cloth bra, there are certain days a month that we need to wear wide and comfortable panties, especially during the period, where comfort is what matters. Remember that not because they are big and "granny" have to be ugly and boring, there are many designs that unify sensuality and comfort.

Thong or G-String Floss

It is true that most women have a love-hate relationship with these garments, but in reality, it is only about finding the right type for you. A thong or floss can be extremely comfortable and discreet and is no longer marked through clothing. At the same time, it is a garment that will make us feel sexy and is ideal for those moments of intimacy with your partner.

Dressing gown

The dressing gowns are the best option when leaving the bathroom, while you put on makeup or combs or to use them when you wake up or before bedtime. They are comfortable, and you can also find some very sexy.

Baby doll

Baby dolls are basic to ignite the flame of passion with your partner and awaken your sensuality. You don't need to have a "perfect" body to use them, and there are many types and designs. The point is to find one that makes you feel safe and comfortable.

Multiway bra

This is the bra we all must buy at some point. It has several removable straps to place them according to the cut or neckline of the garment. They are ideal for dresses with deep necklines or bare backs. It will save you from many uncomfortable situations.

Gel Cups

Sometimes wearing a bra is simply not an option. Then choose a few sticky cups. They are washable and reusable which makes them an awesome choice.


This is also known as a female boxer. The boxers were an exclusively male garment until the 20th century. They have a finish that perfectly frames the buttocks, they are comfortable and although with more fabric than the other models they are very sexy. Being elastic they help hide the belly. You can wear them with shorts and skirts.


The style in lingerie is the most important element which is generally ignored by women. However, with the availability of such classy options women are now focusing on wearing sensual along with the comfortable lingerie as comfort is the most preferred element of women clothing.