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Say Goodbye to Painful Acne… with these Amazing Acne Removal Treatments

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A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.

John Keats

But the stubborn acne and its marks eclipse that joy and beauty completely. No matter how much acne removal creams or homemade remedies we try, this persistent acne and acne spots just refuse to leave…isn’t it?

Acne, pimples, cysts or zits, whatever you call it, they not only scar our face but also make us suffer from utmost pain, irritation and itching. Sometimes when we stand in front of a mirror, we so wish for these pimples to just vanish away and instead a lovely, flawless skin to appear. Although, this miracle was not possible in all those past years, today, thanks to the advancement in the field of medical and cosmetic science, acne removal treatments are proving very successful. And that means, getting rid of these tenacious acnes is just a “clinic” away… a very good medical and cosmetic centre to be precise.

Now, some of us might already know what an acne is or what causes acne whereas, some are still wondering about the acne basics. So, here’s a quick brief. Acne Vulgaris or pimples is an insufferable skin condition that occurs due to excess sebum production at the base of hair follicles. The skin pores get clogged with oil and dead cells, resulting in a severe acne breakout. The acne concerns are very much evident in the teenagers after they hit puberty, but it might continue to haunt many adults as well if right action is not taken at the right time.

So, here are a few acne removal treatments that are guaranteed to get rid of acne and their marks when performed by a skilled cosmetic physician at a professional skin care clinic Melbourne

  • Blue Light Therapy for Acne Treatment: The blue light therapy is an efficient procedure to remove the clusters of acne and blemishes from the face. The blue light generated from the wand in this process kills the acne producing bacteria, contracts the enlarged pores and improves the overall skin texture. With this acne removal treatment Melbourne, we can claim a smooth textured supple skin in just 10-20 minutes provided it is done safely by an authorized dermatologist or aesthetic specialist.


Advantages: A completely painless and convenient process that gets over within a couple of minutes.

Disadvantages: For anyone suffering from porphyria, a kind of blood disorder that causes light sensitivity, blue light therapy is strictly prohibited.

  • Isolaz Acne Therapy: A non-invasive solution against persistent acne, isolaz treatment merges the power of vacuum suction and broadband light laser to efficiently extract all the dirt, grime and oil hidden within the pores and it also destroys the acne causing bacteria. The result of such treatment is a healthy, soft and clear skin, free from the curse of acne.


Advantages: This acne removal technique uses the technology of Photoneumatics, hence it is very secure and painless.

Disadvantages: It might take many sessions to be completely free of acne in case the condition is severe.

  • Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is a type of acne removal treatment that removes acne and dead cells from the skin by deeply exfoliating it. Microdermabrasion uses an exfoliating wand and a vacuum pump to reveal a fresh and clear skin beneath all the dead cells and dirt. After dermabrasion, it is important to dab the face with an emollient followed by a good sunscreen to protect the skin from pollution, sun and dirt.


Advantages: Along with acne removal, it improves skin complexion and reduces the appearance of blemishes and spots. Overall, microdermabrasion restores the youthful glow of face by erasing the dullness of skin.

Disadvantages: Microdermabrasion might also cause scarring, bruising or pain if not done by an experienced doctor. Moreover, microdermabrasion is not suitable for all skin types, we must seek the guidance of a physician before moving ahead with this type of acne remedies.


  • Theraclear for Acne Removal: Theraclear is highly recommended by the doctors for its capability to treat any type of acne, be it whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, puss filled nodules, or pimples. Whatever be the cause behind our acne: clogged pores, P. acnes bacteria or hyperactive sebum glands, this acne removal treatment Melbourne eliminates all the reasons behind acne outbreak. Theraclear is done by a vacuum suction accompanied by an intense pulsed light or laser beam to kill the acne producing bacteria as well as extricate all the oil and greasy muck from within the skin pores. Anyone who is looking out for a clear, flawless skin, a few sessions of theraclear might be worthwhile.


Advantages: It is a very secured as well as an effective method to reduce any type of acne and it takes only 10-20 minutes to complete a session.

Disadvantages: Sometimes, in order to completely eliminate severe acne and its marks, it might take 8-9 sessions of theraclear, which is quite expensive in comparison to other acne remedies.


P.S. Apart from these acne treatments, there are other methods such as chemical peels and Fraxel laser that one can opt for. But, both are very good acne scarring treatments not acne removal treatments.


Beauty starts with a clear and glowing skin;

Don’t let the ugly acne steal away that sheen.

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Say Goodbye to Painful Acne… with these Amazing Acne Removal Treatments

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