The Popularity of Gambling in Australia

  • Written by News Feature Team

Knowing that over 80% of Australian adults engage in gambling of some kind is going to create a lot of new business opportunities for the people who are interested in jumping on new trends. The rise of online gambling has been happening for years, but in culture like Australia, the trend is in full bloom. The people who are involved with gambling on the Internet might be wondering how to reach the Australian gambler if they themselves are not Australian, and they might be looking for new strategies for tailoring their games to meet the standards of Australians.


People working on the internet in order to appeal to Australian gamblers shouldn't worry too much about making sure their games are going to be good enough. Australia does have the highest rate of gambling of any country in the world, so it stands to reason that their populace is not going to be that difficult to please. Many Australian gamblers are still using the traditional land-based casinos, many of which are going to offer people fairly basic games. The exciting casino slot games that people are going to be able to play on the online casinos of today will be sure to captivate even some of the most jaded Australian gamblers.


The rise of internet gambling has helped skew the age demographics of online gambling. The people who design the games for Australian gamblers should know that young people who are under thirty actually spend more time and money playing on poker machines than people in other demographics. This is partly due to the cultural changes that have brought games to the Information Age, thus making poker games and other casino games the sorts of amusements that people can enjoy on their smartphones. Young people have been enthusiastic adopters of smartphones, and many older demographics have been slower to use them.


Young people also may not have all of the same barriers associated with getting involved with the world of Internet gambling. They're not going to have absorbed a lot of the stigmas that still exist related to almost anything online. Even gambling has lost a lot of its former negative reputation, at least among many young people. They're the perfect audience for online gambling in Australia and elsewhere for a lot of reasons.


However, young people are going to have fewer attachments than members of other demographics. People who are still in their teens or twenties are less likely to be married and to have children. People are getting married later and later today and more couples are remaining childfree. People without dependents are going to have more spending money and far more time for hobbies of any kind. Over 80% of Australian adults engage in gambling of some kind, and these people are almost all going to consider the activity a hobby. Younger people are often going to be that much more willing to take risks in general, and they're going to have more spending money to risk. The gaming developers all around the world should take note.


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