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Top 9 Reasons Why People Go For Tattoo Removal

  • Written by Kailash Giri

Getting a body modification might have felt like a good idea at some point, but now that blast from the past feels uneasy to some. There are a plethora of reasons people get tattoos, including to feel unique, express themselves, and show their love for a person. However, some people get bored with the same skin marking and go for laser treatments. Moreover, there are many different reasons a person chooses to remove tattoos. Sometimes we decide to remove it for ourselves and sometimes for others.


Here are a few important reasons people choose to remove or alter these marks

  • Trends

Getting a tattoo removed is as much a trend as is getting tattooed. And sometimes people might want to get them eradicated just because someone they know did the same. Also, the design they chose previously is old fashioned now or out of trend. Some people like to follow the trend in every aspect, a wise option for them can be using reliable laser techniques for tattoo removal.

  • A breakup

A mark which belongs to a person's name which you instead want to forget. Sometimes we fall in love deeply and makes mistakes like getting a skin imprint of the name or any other gestures. Tattoos are very personal with their nature, and people choose them for particular significance.

After a breakup, one might get tired of covering the same mark every time one goes out. At a time like this, removing these can be an opportunity to have a fresh start, to feel more confident and independent. Eradicating a skin mark, you no longer want can be like putting the past behind.

  • Job

There is a debate which is continuing since past that whether tattoos look unprofessional or not. These might have been cool when you were 18, but now you have to prepare for a job interview. There are many companies which may not allow any form of skin modification and favor a candidate who doesn't have them.

Also, some employees with too visible tattoos find it challenging to get a promotion. Moreover, some jobs still don't allow visible ones, which result in more people opting for laser process to remove such a tattoo.

  • Fashion

In this 21st century, where each and every person loves to follow fashion and all the trendy things, no one likes to have an old-fashioned tattoo on their body. People try to make changes in their symbol by getting one more over the old one to cover it with the new design or choose a suitable treatment to remove them from the body.

People sometimes find out that any skin imprint no longer fulfills their current situation or even makes them feel embarrassed. So when they get an option of removing, they can start over with a clean slate.

  • For Family

If your tattoo is a cause of conflict between you and your family, then it's time you get it altered. If you do it for your family, you can create a peaceful environment and can show a nice gesture. Sometimes families don't agree with the idea of tattoo or any design.

Also, still there are people who don't find it suitable for a person's character. Basically, there are multiple reasons why your family will not always support you for having a tattoo. You can make it easy by using the laser process to get rid of your old tattoo.

  • For future-in-laws

If you are getting into a new relationship, you will understand this point very well. When you have to adjust with new people, you have to assess their choices as well. Also, when it is about your in-laws, everything you do have to be taken care of. When you start a new and fresh life, you have to go through many unwanted decisions.

Some people have to choose to remove a tattoo as an option when demanded by future-in-laws. Some families don't allow weird marks in any family members body in their home. This can make you get to remove the tattoo you made when you were a bachelor.

  • It isn't longer representing who you are

Maybe you liked the design when you were younger but now as you grow older, you become more mature. Along with that, your choice changes with change in time. So it's the best option to get it removed and move on.

This way, you can move on with your life by getting the tattoo removed. These body stamps can indicate your choices, nature, etc. which changes as you grow old, so that is entirely okay not to like your old tattoo.

  • Your significant other asks you to

When you are young and single, you make lots of mistakes or get into everything you want, be it getting a tattoo. Not everyone likes these, and sometimes you can get into a relationship with a person who can ask you to remove your tattoo. Sometimes you can manage and make the other person understand, but the additional time you have to opt for removing the tattoo.

  • You don't like the message it conveys

As you grow up, your thoughts change, and so does your nature. It might happen that you wanted something previously which you hate now. Also, tattoo conveys multiple message and meaning to the world, which should be something positive. Some symbol shows the interest of the person in any particular thing.

Sometimes when you get a tattoo at your young age, it can signify some fresh message, but as you grow up with age, you might become peaceful and different kind of person. This can be the main reason people like to remove their tattoo.


Apart from this, there are people who make gang tattoos as a part of their friendship and initiation at the regions where they are visible and now they want to get it removed as a way of removing the stigma of the gang. Also, the most basic reason is that when people are sick of the tattoo, they need some change in their life. They get it by removing the tattoo and starting fresh.

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