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5 Solutions to Maintain Clean and Hygienic Space for Chickens

If you are looking for a delightful addition to your backyard, then chickens are the best option as it provides endless entertainment and fresh eggs. However, the responsibility here is to provide them a living that is well maintained and hygienic. Keeping the coop clean is very essential as a dirty environment can cause stress, diseases, and parasites. A poorly maintained coop will also affect the quality of meat and eggs. So, let's learn some cleaning techniques to ensure that your chicken space remains Hygienic and clean. 

Daily Cleaning 

Well, this might sound a little time-consuming, but cleaning the coop on a daily basis is fundamental. This involves removing old bedding dropping, and uneaten food. You need to remove all the bedding and replace it with fresh ones. Remember to clean the floor with scrubbers by mixing safe sanitizer with water. This will keep unwanted insects away from the coop. Ensure the cleanliness of the nesting boxes to keep egg productivity with your flock, Nestyboxes have a wide range of suitable nesting box solutions for flocks of all sizes. Cleaning a coop is a time consuming task, you can use various tools to make the job easier such as brushes, mops, vacuums, and buckets. If not on a regular basis, you can also clean the coop at least once a week. There’s even cleaning products specifically sold to assist with chicken coop cleaning, also sold at Nestyboxes. 


Ventilation is crucial in a coop as it helps in maintaining a healthy and dry environment. For overall well-being and minimising the growth of bacteria and mold, proper ventilation is important. You can ensure good ventilation by installing vents and windows that close and open as per your needs. Look for a place for vents that do not hurt the chickens in any way and have proper cross-ventilation. Invest in good quality windows and vents, as you cannot change these things daily. Do not forget to have ventilation without considering the climate of your area to keep a stable temperature throughout. 

Health Checkup 

As the parents of chickens, you need to turn yourself in to vets. It is important to regularly check the health of your chickens to detect any issues or symptoms of disease. If a chicken is not healthy, it can spread unwanted diseases quickly and will affect the rest of the flock. Keep an eye on your chickens and observe if they are not behaving the same or a little weirdly. Look for any sign of illness, loss of appetite, lethargy, or unusual dropping. Do not forget to look for parasites like lice and mites, as they can cause serious harm to the chickens. Do consult with a professional vet nearby and store a well-stocked first aid kit for children to cure small injuries. 

Food Quality 

No human or animal can live a good life without nutritious and clean food. Therefore, it is important to provide quality food to your chickens. Do not give your chickens contaminated and stale food to avoid any health problems. Store the food in high-quality containers and place it in a cool and dry place. Clean the containers on a daily basis and let them dry to avoid bacterial growth. Play smart and never feed them over to avoid wastage and spoilage. You can grab knowledge by researching what to feed chickens as per their age and appetite. Let your chickens cluck healthy by offering them quality chicken feed rations such as grains, premade feed blends from Nestyboxes, fresh fruits, and vegetables, and ensure a balanced diet. 

Pest Control 

This is one of the most important out of all the cleaning tips. You need to look for a pet control service to ensure that your chickens are healthy. There can be severe health risks to your chickens if the place is not pest-free. Wild birds, rodents, and insects can be a serious issue for tour chickens. Therefore, it is important to implement effective pest control actions. Start with sealing the holes and gaps in the coop to prevent insects from coming in. Use traps and nets to prevent wild birds from reaching the chickens. During this task, do not forget to place all the settings away from chickens, as they can destroy them. 

Chickens are super fun pets, and they are full of entertainment, however, cleaning their coop is definitely a task to perform. All the above-mentioned tips will not only keep the coop healthy, but it is an investment for the long-term health and productivity of the backyard as well. Doesn't matter whether you are a new chicken lover or a seasonal poultry farmer, the 5 tips mentioned above will definitely help you maintain your chicken's coop.