5 Tips to Achieve Physical Health at Any Stage of Your Life

  • Written by Brigitte Evans

Most people today experience high stress levels every day and spend less time being active than being sedentary, staring at digital screens, or in stuffy rooms. We know more now than ever before, yet we tend to use very little of that knowledge and wisdom in our everyday lives. The truth is, we all have the means and the methods to be strong, healthy, and resilient. We all know what it takes to stay vital and energized for years on end, from our early adulthood and well into our silver years.

However, we also have so many choices, and the sheer pressure of trying everything can be too much, so we choose to go back home, into our comfort zone. If you’d like to preserve your wellbeing and vitality for as long as possible and greet your old age feeling strong and healthy, then you can trust the following actions and include them in your own routine. They are timeless and effective, and they’ll always serve as a powerful foundation for lifelong health and wellness.

Add some resistance training

Whether you prefer to hit the gym with a waist trainer, take a class, or simply train at home, resistance training is indeed one of the smartest, simplest ways to maximize your potential for lifelong health and wellbeing. You can start by introducing some bodybuilding movements into your workout plan at the gym, and balance it with a touch of cardio or HIIT.

Diversify with jogging, walking your pooch, taking a yoga class, use an acupressure mat or anything else that motivates you to stay active. The key is to never let your life become too sedentary, and you’ll be able to preserve your physical health.

Balance your nutrition

Another important lesson we can learn from athletes is the relevance of balanced nutrition. Many people, for example, consume too many carbs and too little protein for their body composition and energy needs. Start by assessing your own daily menu, and then find creative ways to introduce more healthy and lean protein to your diet.

It’s practical to add isolate protein powder to your post-workout shake, because this protein-packed drink is perfect for balancing your daily nutrition needs and fueling you with ample energy. Protein will also make you feel full for longer, help you build lean muscle as you age, and enable you to grow your energy and endurance over the long term.

Beauty sleep and so much more

In addition to training and proper nutrition, sleep is the third essential pillar of lifelong health, disease prevention, and physical fitness. Without restful and consistent sleep, you cannot expect your body to have enough energy to perform well in training, nor can you expect to be focused enough to work well. Your complexion will also suffer, but since your skin is your largest organ, it’s only natural to expect that it reflects your overall health.

For those who want to stay resilient and strong, you should create a healthy sleeping routine and ensure that you get at least those eight hours of sleep every night. If necessary, you can meditate or read before bed, avoid screens, and unwind to properly prepare yourself for sleep.

Use apps to your advantage

If you already use technology in so many aspects of your life, why not use it to improve the quality of your life? For example, there are many useful health and fitness apps that will provide you with workout variations to make it more interesting and engaging when the gym becomes too mundane.

Plus, you can use them to track your performance, calorie intake, macronutrient intake to optimize your protein consumption, and of course, to check if you’re on track with your fitness goals.

Spend more time in nature

Stress can make you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, burnt out, and you will likely want to ditch all your plans and spend some quality time with Netflix and your favorite batch of ice cream. However, by getting out into nature and away from the city noise and crowds, you’ll do much more for your health and stamina.

5 Tips to Achieve Physical Health at Any Stage of Your Life

Most people today experience high stress levels every day and spend less time being active than being sedentary, staring at digital screens, or in stuffy rooms. We know more now than ever before, yet we tend to use very little of that knowledge and wisdom in our everyday lives. The truth is, w...

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