The Biggest Jackpots Ever Won When Playing Online

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Some of the greatest stories of the online gambling world are related to the biggest jackpot wins. Not only does it seem impossible to win a jackpot, but to win it online seems even more unreal. Nevertheless, this is true for a lot of people. There are some amazing stories that come from the people that have won some of the biggest jackpots in gambling history. There is simply no end in sight when it comes to online casinos. Not only are there hundreds of thousands of them, but the games on these sites are endless. 

Finding a trustworthy casino means spotting a site that is not only reliable but also one that has good reviews and specifically one that pays out. Especially, something that you are definitely going to want to look for is one that doesn't have any cash out restrictions. Therefore, check Australian casino sites such as PlayAmo casino which has been incredibly recommended among gamblers.

With that being said, it might come as a shock to many people that jackpots can still be won in online games. Actually, the most popular game among the casino industries is still the slots, given that people find it extremely entertaining to play for minutes to hours, however, the prizes are truly remarkable as well. Some of the biggest prizes in the history of gambling have happened as a jackpot. Without even counting the physical casino wins, there are some amazing online jackpot wins that even sound like a dream. Here are some of the best stories and jackpot winds of online gambling games.

Mega Fortune Slot


This win is definitely one for the books. A bet starting only in 25 cents ended up turning into one of the biggest wins in history. This was won by a Finnish player who won this incredible amount on Mega Fortune, but the fact that he did it online has become one of the most inspirational stories for a lot of players today.

Mega Moolah Slot


In 2017, an anonymous player set the record for one of the largest jackpot wins of all times. The only thing available to the public was that this player was merely a beginner at the game and he ended up becoming one of the luckiest players of all time.

Mega Moolah Slot


Another incredible win at Mega Moolah belongs to a 26-year-old soldier known as Jon Heywood from the UK. By continuously playing in the slots he was able to win this incredible amount. This jackpot win happened in 2015, and Heywood claimed that he was going to spend the money simply on a vacation trip. 

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