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My name is Irene Falcone, and I’m passionate about helping people like you to look your beautiful best - totally TOXIN-FREE.

Since the year dot I’ve been obsessed with beauty products. I love the way they look in their gorgeous boxes, the way they smell, that rush of adrenalin I get when I walk out of a store with my new purchase looking all glammed up!

How my toxin-free journey began

Around three years ago, I started feeling really tired all the time. It got to the point one morning where I couldn’t walk up the single flight of stairs to my office. My legs felt as heavy as two bags of lead. I sat on the steps, took a body lotion out of my bag and starting rubbing it into my legs, and for the first time in my life I wondered… what exactly was in this lotion I was putting on my body??

When I got home that night I scooped up all my beauty products and starting looking up all their ingredients. I discovered that I was applying about 500 chemicals a day to my body.

I’m no chemist, but I know how to research. And I wanted to know everything about these chemicals.

I discovered some shocking facts about my makeup bag...

For example, that 75% of my lipstick collection contained lead. That Parabens, the preservatives listed in every bottle of my face and body moisturizer, could disrupt hormones and potentially cause thyroid issues. That as many as 60% of topical skin-care products can be absorbed through the skin – right into my bloodstream!

Could this be the answer to what was making me feel so tired?

I immediately took a big garbage bag and ejected everything in my home containing these questionable ingredients. $5,000 worth of products disappeared into the bin.

In a matter of weeks I started to feel better. I got my energy back, my skin was glowing, my teeth were whiter and the dark, puffy circles under my eyes disappeared!
But trust me, going cold turkey on makeup is no fun. Nor is enduring the pitying stares of your glammed-up co-workers when you turn up to the office every morning.

I had to find some safe, toxin-free alternatives – ASAP!

So here’s what I did...

From that day on it became my mission to seek out the most gorgeous, natural & certified organic beauty products on the market.

I began blogging about my toxin-free journey and the products I found, and this was where I made my biggest discovery: that there was a HUGE community of women like me who were all searching for the same thing – a way to be their most beautiful selves, MINUS the toxic chemicals.

And so, I begin building Nourished Life – the absolute strictest natural beauty & health store on the web.

I still love to blog about my latest discoveries, and my regular newsletter has some of the best secrets (and special deals) in natural beauty on the web.

And you know what? My love for beauty products has become even more intense – now I know what lies inside those pretty bottles.


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