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Oral health is as important as mental or physical health. A person’s smile can say a lot about his or her oral hygiene. So it is vitally important for us to teach our kids the importance of oral health. The habits they should adopt and what they should and should not do. Kid's teeth can be vulnerable to damage because kids do things without thinking about the consequences. They just want to enjoy themselves and have a good time. It is important as parents to not spoil them by giving everything that they want and teach them that certain things are bad for you and your oral hygiene. You do not want your child to have bad teeth and toothache. These are the 10 tips you can follow for your kid's oral health

  1. Brush teeth twice a day

It is important to brush your teeth twice a day, before bedtime and after breakfast. It is also important to brush along the gum line and get the gums cleaned as well. Brush in circular motions along the gum line few teeth at a time. By brushing your teeth, you are removing the plaque that builds up on your teeth, which causes decay. It is also important to choose a brush that has soft bristles and a small head. It important as parents to supervise them until they can do it correctly and on their own.

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  1. Use a fluoride toothpaste

Use low fluoride toothpaste when your child is less than 6 years old. Use as little as possible, and the pea-sized amount will suffice. When over 6 years old, use a standard fluoride toothpaste in a small quantity. No need to fill the top of the brush with it. Also, make sure that they do not swallow any of the paste and spit the toothpaste out after brushing. Also, tell them not to rinse.

  1. Avoid sweet drinks

Children do not need sweet drinks, and this includes fruit juices. Fruit juices and sweet drinks can be the cause of tooth decay. Fruit drinks also contain natural sugar, which, together with added sugar, can damage the teeth and start the decaying process. Energy drinks, sports drinks, soft drinks, fruit drinks, tea drinks, etc.

  1. Drink water

Children should drink lots of water as they played and moved all the time, so there is a fear of dehydration. Water should take the place of all the sweet and flavored drinks that are mentioned in the above paragraph. Drink tap water as it contains fluoride, which can protect the teeth from decay. Fluoride is added in the Australian tap water, 1.5g per liter is added.

  1. Eating healthy

Eating healthy food is important for the health of the child's teeth. Eating foods that are rich in calcium, such as yogurt, milk, cheese is good for the teeth as calcium is important for teeth. Eating fruits and vegetables also constitute healthy eating. Many packaged food, snacks, and drinks have sugar in them, and sugar is the cause of tooth decay. So eating a healthy and balanced diet is necessary for your child to have healthy teeth.

  1. Wearing a mouthguard

Prevention is better than cure. You must have heard the saying. So if your child participates in contact sports, then you must have him wear a mouthguard. Sports cab damage your child’s teeth and can cause permanent damage. So it is better to be safe than sorry. Mouthguards that are custom made are the best for protection. Keep in mind that as the child grows older, the mouth guard will need to change accordingly. Also, check with your dentist if it still fits well.

  1. Sugary foods

You should avoid giving your children sugary foods. Sugar can cause tooth decay. Do not give them sugary foods, packaged food, and snacks in their lunch boxes. Foods high in sugar or added sugar are cakes, biscuits, slices, doughnuts, pastries, chocolate, etc.

  1. Regularly visit the dentist

It is vitally important to have regular visits to the dentist to get your teeth checked. You may be thinking that your child has good oral hygiene, but still taking them to the dentist regularly is good for checkups and necessary cleaning if required. It is good that your child gets to know your oral health professional. The oral health professional will plan how often you need to come to get your child’s teeth checked according to their needs. If you cannot afford a dentist, then an oral health therapist can also help you out. In 2013 almost 4 out of 5 children visited the dentist.

  1. Buying the products they want

When going out shopping for toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash, it is good if you take children along with you. Children have favorite cartoons and characters that they like, so if they see any of those characters on toothpaste or toothbrush, they will automatically take an interest in it. Children also like colors and shapes so they will be interested in the products. This also means that they will be eager to use them as well.

  1. Tinted mouthwash

Children might be brushing every day, but they are still learning, and they might have left some plaque and food particles behind. This can cause tooth decay. Using a tinted mouthwash will leave color any plaque that is left behind in a bright color. This helps the children to see if they are doing it properly and can help in doing it better. Besides, it will all seem fun to them.


Children's teeth are replaced eventually with adult teeth, but the habits that you instill in them at an early age will remain with them for the rest of their lives. Kids need guidance in almost everything, and oral hygiene is no different. By making them aware that the food they eat is not healthy, by not brushing their teeth, by drinking sugary drinks, and by not using toothpaste, they are damaging their teeth. They will start taking care of their oral hygiene.


Oral health is as important as mental or physical health. A person’s smile can say a lot about his or her oral hygiene. So it is vitally important for us to teach our kids the importance of oral health. The habits they should adopt and what they should and should not do. Kid's teeth can be vulne...

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