8 Beginner Tips to Make Your Car Faster, Safer, and More Comfortable

Every vehicle needs regular maintenance and upkeep to stay in good shape. That doesn't make them all that different from their owners.  You see, much like human beings, cars can be pushed far beyond their limits with nothing more than a bit of time and effort. As a matter of fact, turning your average street cruiser into a fire breathing beast is much simpler than buffing up.

So much so that in the modding circles, the vehicles that leave the factory lines are seen as nothing more than glorified blueprints. Let’s take a look at a couple of useful tips that will help you make your good old four-wheeler safer, faster, more comfortable, or whatever else that crosses your mind.

Start with the tires

Why tires? Well, for a start, they are very affordable and easy to replace, so they are a perfect way to ease yourself into the whole car customization story. The second reason would be that, although they look very unsuspicious, cars are what keeps your car gripped to the road, so they have a huge influence on its handling. Traditionally, symmetrical tire treads are best for smooth driving and high directional stability. On the other hand, asymmetrical tire treads offer great handling, good grip in wet conditions, and high curve stability. See what suits you better.

Upgrade the braking system

The ability to stop your vehicle effectively can be considered both a safety and performance upgrade. Generally speaking, performance mods are there to allow your car to fly faster. Trying to halt that built momentum with stock, factory brakes can only cause the wheels to lock and your car to skid into some obstacle ahead. With that in mind, going with the ABS-powered package seems like an obvious first step. As for the very disk brakes, ceramic units feature excellent stopping power, have good durability, and produce very little noise, so you can go with them.

Cold intake for stronger combustions

We are finally moving to the juicy stuff. As you probably know, non-electric car engines are powered by internal combustion that requires two important ingredients – fuel and air. The job of a cold intake is to allow the air to flow seamlessly into the engine and make this process possible. But not only that. The air infused into the engine is also cooler and more condensed, so the combustions you get are also more powerful. In the end, the car's engine is able to squeeze out more horsepower and higher fuel efficiency. And all that at a very reasonable price.

Make a couple of tweaks on the engine

As we can see, the performance of the engine can be improved even by simply improving the flow of the air that is deployed to it. But, while you are there, why not make a couple of touches on the heart of your car and make it pump a bit faster? The good news is that this can be easily accomplished with nothing more than a couple of quality motor accessories. Take, for instance, gaskets – the small components that prevent the waste of fluids and combustible gases. Replacing stock units with bolt gaskets can only help the engine run faster and tighter.

Replace the old exhaust system

When you think about it for a moment, the car engine works pretty much like human lungs. It breathes the air in, does something useful with it, and once the job is done, it needs some way to release the fumes. Naturally, the speed at which they are able to do the latter affects their efficiency, and the fact this integral system very easily becomes clogged doesn't help this story a bit. Therefore you should strongly consider replacing your old worn down exhaust with a newer, wider, and stainless steel alternative with wider piping and a muffler.

Prioritize on-road safety

Car gadgets have passed a long way from being something reserved only for the luxury models to a purchase fit for every pocket. So, do your best to upgrade your old ride with the likes of lane crossing alerts, rearview cameras, dash cameras, collision sensors, blind-spot warning systems, and similar products. Of course, voice commands that will keep your eyes on the road are a must for any type of entertainment or GPS navigation.  The investment you will be asked to make is really not that substantial. The assistance you will get from them is, on the other hand, priceless.

Invest in new upholstery

Upgrading the car doesn't have to be all about the performance. In some cases, you will simply want to make your ride more comfortable and pleasant to drive. Doing this is not without its other benefits. The vehicles that are comfortable cause less irritation and strain, so they are, generally speaking, safer to drive. How can you make your car more comfortable? Start with the upholstery. While you're at it, be sure to install the materials with higher resistance to sun and humidity. This way, you are going to save a lot of money on maintenance in the long run.

Grace your car with a turbocharger

Ok, all the things we have mentioned up until now were aimed at general users. Upgrading your car with a turbocharger goes seriously in the pro zone. What is a turbocharger, you might ask? The best way to describe it would be as a forced induction device that pumps more compressed air into the combustion chamber of the engine. Combining this component with a cold intake can create something truly special and turn your ride from a slog into a superbeast. On average, a Stage 1 turbocharger (doesn't require heavy engine modifications) adds an astonishing 93 horsepower and 92 lb-ft of torque.

We hope these few tips gave you a couple of ideas about the ways in which you can upgrade your car and make it faster, safer, and more comfortable. Most people out there are very satisfied with the rides they get off the factory line. You deserve better than that. So, take the foundations you got and use them to create something far more special.

8 Beginner Tips to Make Your Car Faster, Safer, and More Comfortable

Every vehicle needs regular maintenance and upkeep to stay in good shape. That doesn't make them all that different from their owners.  You see, much like human beings, cars can be pushed far beyond their limits with nothing more than a bit of time and effort. As a matter of fact, turning you...

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