Trendsetting in 2016 - Sydney's newest gem!

  • Written by Cara Leupuscek


Red Sky at Night. Within the midst of Sydney's inner west lies an antiquated mystical creation of steel, silver, raw gemstones and abstract unique and personalised art.

The ingenious "Red sky at night" founded by ms Georgia Howard has inhibited a portrayal of raw illuminations of naturally sourced stones and delivered a high end timeless v.s contemporary design scheme which brings us back to organic earth.

The hand picked essences of minerals, stones and metals compliments the heart and geometrical stature truly captured in each piece.

The strong unique finishes has led "red sky at night" to inhibit it's raw edged collection in public media magazines and websites across Australia.

Fresh organic sources of gems, minerals and treasures of the earth can finally be uniquely presented and hand placed with great pride.

This is certainly a diamond in the rough business to keep an eye out for in Sydney's district. 

By Cara Leupuscek

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