Introduction to Cosmetic Dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry refers to a variety of dental proceedings to fix damaged teeth or replace the missing. You may feel uncomfortable laughing openly or smiling with your teeth showing if they are deformed, chipped, discoloured, maladjusted or missing. This can also affect your oral health, particularly if chipped teeth are left untreated. Visit Rockingham Dental Centre for your teeth whitening experience and dental services.

What Is The Most Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure?

Whitening is easily accessible and relatively cost effective, making it an attractive option for people looking to improve the appearance of their smile without undergoing surgery. Achieving substantial results will usually involve an in-office professional whitening treatment, though there are a number of take-home options you may prefer to try. Depending on which specific process of teeth whitening treatment you choose, you might be able to lighten teeth colour by two to nine shades on a temporary basis. These options are available in South Yarra. You can easily find the address in Google, just enter in the search bar ”cosmetic dentistry south yarra” and you will see many options.

What Is The Most Extreme Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure in South Yarra?

‘Reconstructive dentistry’ refers to the series of proceedings specifically targeted at correcting improperly seated jaw joints and faulty bites, addressing jawbone and gum damage, replacing missing teeth, repairing damaged teeth, replacing worn-out dental work, and, in some cases, treating severe diseases of the mouth. All of these reworking practices can be performed independently in South Yarra, but when multiple oral health problems exist, full mouth reconstruction may be advised.

How do I know which procedure is the right one for me?

If you are seeking cosmetic dental work, you should be aware that the safest thing you can do is research the various options. Some helpful tips for a positive outcome include:

  • Referrals: Ask people you know who have had similar work done. You can also ask your regular dentist. Browse online reviews to find out which practises have positive and negative ratings and why.

  • Credentials & Further Education: Any dentist can technically call themselves a cosmetic dentist and few Dental Schools provide dedicated cosmetic practice education. This makes it vital that a dentist seek and complete training in cosmetic dentistry to master the principles.

  • Ascertain how much of the practice is Cosmetic Dentistry: Subsequent to education and hands-on training, it is important to know the level of expertise a dentist has in practicing cosmetic dentistry. Whilst there is no specialty in cosmetic dentistry, those who contend to be the best in their field see a significant volume of patients for cosmetic as well as restorative dental treatments.

  • Photos & Testimonials Much like an artist would showcase masterpieces in an art gallery, a skilled cosmetic dentist will show off their greatest accomplishments. Make sure you ask to see examples of previous cosmetic dental work. Many dentists also post before-and-after photos in online or in-practice Smile Galleries.

  • Take Your Time: It is inadvisable to rush through the consultation. Take time to clearly explain what you’re looking for and listen to the dentist’s recommendations. Communication is exceedingly important throughout the process to achieve your best possible results.

  • Be Comfortable: It all comes down to how you feel in your consultation and the overall practice. If you feel safe and confident within the practice, they are likely a good match for you.

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