Tips to make garden maintenance easier

Having a beautiful garden is something that most people aspire to. A place of greenery, nature and serenity, an ideal way to make a good first impression when guests come to visit. But while this is the goal that most people look to work towards, the flip side is that most folks don’t want to spend hours every weekend working hard to maintain that dream. Given the choice of gardening or watching sport, hanging with mates or reading a good book, most people would not opt for the former. The reality is that it has to be done though, so how then is it best tackled to ensure that there is the maximum return for the least effort? Here are a few ideas.


Spend less time mowing

One of the biggest pains when it comes to gardening is mowing the lawn. Frankly, this probably shouldn’t even count as gardening, it is just a chore. So, look to minimise the amount of lawn that you need to mow. This can be done in a couple of ways, firstly plant more beds with flowers, shrubs and trees, and secondly, remove what grass is left and replace it with Astroturf or synthetic lawn Melbourne and other major cities around Australia have plenty of suppliers who will lay it for you as well. This is a nominal, once off investment that will yield dividends in terms of time, and it will yield these repeatedly, weekend after weekend.


Plant indigenous

Endemic plants will do better in your garden than imported ones, so in terms of making your garden look good with little effort, look to plant local. It probably goes without saying that plants that are adapted to your local conditions will thrive when planted in them. So often there is a temptation to plant exotic plants or English country garden varieties that are simply not cut out for the harsher Australian environment. Plants like this require constant attention and protection and should be avoided – plant local and leave them to do their own thing.


Get a garden service

If you can afford a garden service, get one it – it is a simple solution and one that is almost always worth it. The nice thing about these types of services is that they do the boring maintenance. They will mow and rake and trim edges and cut back hedges. They will also do the heavy manual labour like digging holes and hauling bags of fertilizer and compost. That leaves you to do the fun stuff like planting or picking flowers and the subtle stuff. Calculate what your time is worth and then plan accordingly. A garden service is the gift of freedom and you shouldn’t be afraid to contract with one.


Let nature reign

Gardens do not need to be controlled. Sure, they need an element of management, but they are ecosystems that should be left alone and enjoyed. If you are constantly trying to tidy and organize your garden, then you are always going to be frustrated. Rather let trees drop leaves so that mulch and compost be formed. Let boughs grow and let animals move in. Manage the garden, don’t try to control it. If you can get this mindset right it will be a huge a relief and a weekend game changer.

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