What Can Seniors Do To Save Money?

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Two elderly men playing chess

After retiring, almost instantly we have to start managing our money in a much safer way. We aren’t grinding those work hours anymore, medical bills start to add up and some of us finally just want to relax after decades of doing a 9 to 5.

Some seniors may be on a pension which can only bring a very small amount of money in, and some will have to be able to adapt to their own money that’s part of a superannuation. 

Seniors are at a time in their lives when things must slow down. Yes, money can start to slow down too. That’s why we’re going to look at things seniors can do to save money.

Consider your housing

Probably the biggest financial related focus in people’s lives is anything to do with a house. Renting or buying, big or small, insurance, etc.

If you’re a senior that has had children, most likely they are at an age where they are no longer living in your house. They’ve grown up, and probably started a family of their own. 

If that’s the case, you should consider if the house you are in is actually necessary for what you need. Focus on minimalism - downsizing your house is a great way to save money.

Cut unnecessary costs

Memberships, insurances, bills - we’re looking at you. Again, try minimising things in your life that don’t provide a lot of purposes. You’ll end up saving a ton of money if you do this.

If you become temporarily injured or unwell, consider renting medial equipment insead of buying it new. Obtain multiple quote of rlarge expenses such as dental implants. It can save tens of thousands in the long tun.

If you see, for example, a Netflix subscription that is there when you barely watch any movies, consider getting rid of it. Subscriptions to sports teams when you have lost interest? Maybe you’re paying for a health insurance plan that just covers way too much than you need. No value? Get rid of it.

Restrict Being In Situations Where You Will Spend A Lot

As a senior, you end up having a lot of free time up your sleeve. This is great and all, but for a lot of reasons you end up pointlessly spending money in ways that could have been avoided altogether.

Usually, at shopping centres, you will find crowds of seniors/elderly people hanging around out of boredom. They grab lunch there, aimlessly shop around and buy things out of impulse because well, they might have nothing better to do. 

If you’re the kind of person who HAS to be out on a Friday night, maybe just have a night in. No, it doesn’t make you reclusive. It can be genius.

Another thing a lot of seniors statistically tend to do is frequent a lot of gambling and casino places. Do I really have to explain why this is usually just a bad idea? You end up blowing tons of cash, most of the time losing, and even getting possibly addicted.

If this sounds like you, consider the amount of money in total that has been lost as a result of slot machines, betting, etc.

In summary

There are many ways you can save money as a senior. These can include thinking about your housing situation, getting rid of useless expenses like memberships, subscriptions, costly bills and also restricting the way you spend your money recreationally.

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