3 Types of Products to Include in Your Car Cleaning Kit

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Your car goes through a lot, and too often, the task of giving it a thorough clean is neglected. What with insurance, license renewal, registration and general maintenance payments, there’s already so much to think about and stay on top of when it comes to keeping your car well maintained. It therefore makes sense that a car cleaning kit wouldn’t be at the top of the average car owner’s mind. However, a good cleaning kit can go a long way to protecting your investment, and in spite of the sheer number of car cleaning products on the market, there are actually only a few which are absolutely essential. This article details three types of products that every car owner should include in their vehicle cleaning arsenal.

#1 Bucket & Sponge

These might not be the most exciting cleaning products, but they’re included on this list for good reason. A decent bucket and soft microfibre wash mitt are arguably the most critical items car owners can include in their car cleaning kit. Simply put, you’re not going to get very far in cleaning your car without them. When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your vehicle, you’ll want a decent sized bucket (10-15L) as this will allow you to continue plunging your wash mitt into a continuous supply of clean, suds and water.

A useful tip to avoid overexertion and water wastage is to prepare two buckets: one with clean water, and one with your preferred choice of shampoo. Simply dip you wash mitt in the first bucket as normal, but instead of rinsing it in the same bucket, switch to rinsing it in the second bucket which contains clean water. A good quality microfibre wash mitt will also reduce the likelihood that you’ll scratch your paintwork during the process of washing your car. Similar to the bucket technique, having two different wash mitts to use on the top and bottom half of your car will also reduce the likelihood that you’ll drag debris across the surface which could end up scratching your vehicle.

#2 Polish & Wax

While soap and suds will get all of the nasty dirt and grime off your car’s paint, no car wash is truly complete without the application of a good polish and wax. Car wax adds an extra layer of protection to your vehicle, giving you peace of mind when you’re out in the elements. The beauty of a wax and polish is that it’s recommended to be done in 6-month intervals or roughly twice a year, saving you time as well as money. Polishing your car can remove small scratches and dents caused by debris, dirt or an unfortunate car door swinging into your car in a tight parking lot. On top of this, waxing and polishing helps to seal the paintwork and provide a sacrificial layer of protection on top of your car’s paint. Polishing and waxing your car will help retain its sparkling paintwork for years to come, making them indispensable products to include in your car cleaning kit.

#3 Window Cleaner

Using a good window cleaner on your car is important not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for improving safety. Ensuring your windscreen is clean and clear will allow you to see clearly while you’re driving, making it safer for everybody on the road. If you have tinted windows, be wary of cleaners with ammonia or alcohol in them, as these substances may corrode the window tint.

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