5 Awesome Outdoor Activities for your Kids' Next Birthday

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A birthday party is an event that every child treasures, and those simple cake and ice cream ideas may be getting heavily outdated. As parents, it’s an amazing feeling when we’re able to throw an memorable party that everybody will remember.

Little Jumpers Sydney, the jumping castle hire experts have put together 5 fun and creative activities that you can host at your next kids birthday party.

  1. Jumping Castles

Regardless of how many presents you buy for your kid, their big day will never be complete without one big fun outdoor activity—jumping castles. Perhaps, including this event in your child’s to-do list of activities is the best thing you can do to your kid. It’s enticing and mesmerising and will make the day an unforgettable one.

Jumping castle hire comes with several benefits for your kid. It is very safe for both small and big kids. You can set it in a relatively small area in your backyard. You can hire it for the number of hours you want your kid to enjoy. Your kids will enjoy proper energy utilisation, pastime, interact and socialise with friends. Besides, as your kids will be playing, you get free time to interact with guests.

  1. Water Balloon Toss

This is a perfect game to cool off particularly on a hot summer day. Kids dress in their swimsuits then engage in a water balloon tossing game. Remember to use balloons that don’t include combat. The game involves tossing the balloons and catching them in pairs while not breaking them. It is done at a target. The game helps to develop your kid’s coordination and motor skills.

  1. Treasure Scramble

This is an excellent outdoor game that involves kids collecting treasure rocks. They must do so as much as they can but beware of the dragon hunting them. After collecting the rocks, they must race to the base. In this game, an adult will be required to play the role of a dragon. After finishing collecting the rocks, the kids can then open their bags to see the prizes in them.

  1. Steady Eddy Egg Relay

Have spoons of two different color and let the kids pick. Use the colours to determine the team each kid will be on. Each kid should be given a hard-boiled egg and race against each other to a marked point. The team the finishes first wins the race. This racing game is fun and exciting. It helps to sharpen your kid’s attention and tests coordination and speed. It also satisfies your kid’s love for competition.

  1. Tootsie or Peanut Hunt

Hide as much tootsie or peanuts as you can in a particular area. Remember to make other obvious and others too difficult. Give every kid a paper bag then let them out to go and hunt. Give them five minutes then let them bring what they’ve got. Let them count what they got. The one with the highest number of peanuts/tootsie wins. This game helps to develop your kid’s cognitive skills while enjoying themselves.

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