Employee Engagement - 5 Essential Tips for Managers to Get the Best Out of Their Staff

  • Written by News Company

Being a manager requires you to be a leader, a peacekeeper, a counselor, and a problem solver. Most importantly, however, the management role depends on you working hard to retain your staff while building upon their skill set for the benefit of your business. If you know you’re onto a good thing and want to keep the team you have, here’s how to get the best out of them now and into the future.

Gifts and Rewards

Your staff wants to be appreciated, and one way to show your gratitude is with personalized corporate gifts. Corporate gifts featuring your branding have two purposes: firstly, they make the perfect gift or reward for high-achieving staff members, and secondly, they enable you to benefit from brand recognition. It goes without saying that the more people there are with your branded goods, the further your branding reaches.

Incentive Programs

While it’s easy to fall into the trap of believing a paycheck is enough to retain staff, this is often no longer the case. If you want to see increases in productivity while boosting the morale of your employees, investing in an incentive program is a must.

Undervalued and underappreciated workers don’t go above and beyond, especially if they believe their company doesn’t care for them. If you provide rewarding benefits for achieving goals and reaching milestones, you can profit from a happier, more productive team of valuable long-term employees.

Staff Get-Togethers

When you’re caught up in your daily task list, it’s not uncommon to realize that you don’t know many of the people that you work with. If you don’t know your team, you’re also unaware of the valuable skills your employees may have and how they can benefit your business. Therefore, staff get-togethers are a great way to get to know your staff while providing a way in which to boost staff morale for better productivity.


While there are many ways to get the best out of your staff that cost money, talking to them is free! Sometimes, all your team requires is answers. If you’re making any changes to the business, such as hiring more staff or launching new products or services, make sure your team is the first to know.
The easiest way to lose your staff’s respect is by leaking new information to the press or other people before you’ve even communicated the changes internally. All it takes is half an hour of your time to set up a team meeting or send out an email, which immediately solves that problem.


It’s within the power of every business, be it large or small, to offer job perks. Even the smallest café can provide their staff with free lunch during their break. It’s also not out of the question for large corporations to provide healthcare and dental care, discounts on products and services, and other similarly useful advantages. While the cost to you may be small, offering these benefits can make an enormous difference to your employees. What’s more, providing job perks shows how generous you are as an employer, and can help you to retain staff while building long-term value in the process.

Employee engagement is crucial for the success of your business – it’s no secret that high turnover rates and staff discontent can equate to dissatisfied clients and a bad reputation. Happy workers make happy customers, so put on your thinking cap and try out any of these five management tips above.

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