The Importance of Cargo Barriers for Driver Safety

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Cargo barriers are the perfect accessory for just about any SUV or station wagon type vehicle, especially when you have a large pet that often travels with you. Cargo barriers also provide protection for you and your passengers when you haul loose and heavy cargo in the rear of your vehicle.

Cargo Barriers for Commercial Vehicles

Cargo barriers are often installed in police vehiclesand commercial taxis. Most police sedans have car cargo barriers between the front and back seats to protect themselves from prisoners they transport to and from court and prison. Car cargo barriers are also essential for cab drivers to protect them from passengers who may want to harm them. You mostly see plexiglass or wire mesh barriers in these vehicles, allowing drivers to see and hear their passengers while remaining protected from them.

Cargo Barriers for Family Vehicles

For the family SUV, cargo barriers can protect loose cargo or keep your pet from being thrown to the front of the vehicle if you need to stop quickly or you’re involved in an accident. Some common reasons for vehicle owners to install car cargo barriers include:

  • *  Keeping pets secure

  • *  Hauling loose items

  • *  Moving

  • *  Travelling with luggage

  • *  Grocery shopping

  • *  Sales representatives at trade shows

Some pet owners install cargo barriers to keep their pets from climbing to the front seat and onto their laps while they’re driving. Pets can be very hazardous to drivers. If your pet doesn’t like being contained in a pet carrier while travelling, a cargo barrier is a perfect option.

Ideal for Hauling Loose Heavy Items

If you’re a contractor and often haul loose tools and equipment too large to put in a case or other container, you may want to install a cargo barrier in your vehicle. If you need to stop hard and fast or you’re in an accident, your equipment will remain safely behind the barrier instead of being tossed around inside the car. Cargo barriers are also handy when you go grocery shopping, especially if you buy enough to require stacking the grocery bags above the height of the rear seat. 

The Structure of Cargo Barriers

Cargo barriers commonly have metal frames that attach to the interior of the vehicle. The partition can be made from anything from nylon or wire mesh to polycarbonate. The type of partition will depend on what you need and how you will use it.

Universal vs. Custom Cargo Barriers

Universal Cargo Barriers

If you’re only looking for something to keep your groceries or your pet secure and you’re a budget conscious shopper, a universal barrier is an inexpensive option. But although they’re affordable and relatively easy to install, despite their name, they may not fit all types of vehicles.

Custom Cargo Barriers

Installers can configure barriers to specific vehicles to suit specific purposes. The price range varies depending on the type of barrier you need, but you can be sure it will perfectly fit your vehicle.

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