Lip Fillers or Lip Plumpers? The Answer Is So Simple

  • Written by Anna Coxhell

Have you been dreaming of having bigger lips? Not every woman is born with lush lips but everyone desires to have the sexy plumped seducers on her face. It is a fact that women with bigger and fuller lips are more attractive and it is their secret weapon in flirting. So, the majority of women decide do go the artificial way – to get lip fillers. But is that the right choice to make? Why lip plumpers are not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of lip enhancement?

Lip Fillers – the More Popular Solution?

Perhaps the answer is because lip fillers are much more popularised and an older solution offered to women. However, they pose a great health risk, even though the side effects are being discreetly shoved under the rug. The truth is that lip augmentation is a procedure that is done at the doctor’s office and like any other medical procedure, something can easily go in the wrong direction.

It involves needles, a mixture of chemical substances (first it was silicone based mixture but as it proved to be very dangerous it was replaced by hyaluronic acid) and injecting in several spots in the lip area. As a result, there is an instant swelling, bleeding and pain and later some more severe issues may arise. Among these more serious side effects are excessive swelling, nerve-numbing, infections, reactivations of cold sores, lip asymmetry, tenderness, allergic reaction and itchiness.

So, do you still think that having fuller lips is worth some of these issues? Plus, you would have to redo the procedure after 5 or 6 months as the effect will fade away. It is certainly not worth it!

Lip Plumpers – Why Haven’t You Heard of Them Sooner?

Instead, lip plumpers are starting to sweep everyone off their feet with their amazing effects. They are the lip plumper you need without the sight of needles and pain. As technology is really advanced, there are lip plumpers that are made according to the latest innovations in the field and they provide instant results. There are types of lip plumpers that can be used as treatment lip enhancers – by using them over a certain period of time, they increase the collagen in the lips thus increasing the volume of the lips permanently.

The lip plumpers are in the shape of lip glosses which contain ingredients that naturally irritate the lip area and increase the blood flow which makes the lips naturally rosy, reddish and plump. Think of them as the spices you eat and irritate your lips and make them red – the lip plumpers have the same effect.

The good thing about these lip plumpers is that there are no side effects. If the lips are too sensitive then there is an option to choose less potent lip enhancer. The result is visible after a few minutes after application but it might not last long. However, you can always reapply it as the lip plumpers look the same as lip glosses – a tube with an applicator on top or brush inside the tube.

Price Comparison

Also, when it comes to the price, lip fillers are much more expensive than lip plumpers. They can go from $300 and up per injection and full packages can cost thousands of dollars. On the other hand, the lip plumpers cost about $50 and last for some time.

All in all, when you want to make a decision regarding your beauty, you should start by checking how healthy that decision is in the long-term. Beauty cannot unlock its full potential if there is the stress of additional medication.

The Bottom Line

And finally, you need to be healthy and activate your full inner beauty so that it can be seen on the outside. That is why making a rash decision is never a good idea. When your health is concerned, no beauty treatment is worth it. There are lots of examples of unsuccessful lip augmentation procedures that show how a simple wish for bigger, plumped lips has turned into a nightmare. There are also cases that had complicated so much that the person’s life ended tragically.

To sum up, the answer to the question above is indeed simple: it is lip plumpers – all the way – a safer, more secure and instantly effective solution that will make your lips big without any side effects.