Tips to Walk in Boots Confidently

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Confidence; if you have it, you can make anything look good.” – Diane von Furstenberg.

This quote by Diane, a famous Belgian fashion designer, is entirely accurate, to say the least. Your whole look indeed matters, but what matters most is how much confidence you carry your attire with. Ensuring you exude poise in the way you walk and how you, in general, present yourself will make the people love you and your look even more. The most essential thing about being confident is to feel confident.

The way you walk comprises a significant portion of your personality. Without the right shoes, you can never have a comfortable and confident walk. You can trust difficult and uncomfortable shoes to spoil your entire persona. However, do not fret because we have got you covered.

In this article, we have picked out a few amazing tips. These tips will make sure you walk confidently and self-assuredly in those attractive ankle boots you recently bought for the party next week.

  1. Use Sandpaper on the Base:

Have you ever experienced slipping because of the new shoe you wore? Yes, it is embarrassing and upsetting, to say the least. Since they have not been worn before, new shoes often have a slippery base. Add to it a past traumatic tripping experience, and you might have a slight anxiety attack while wearing your new ankle boots. The worst part about being nervous is that it becomes very obvious to other people especially through the way you walk. You would know this if you have ever given a stage performance. The walk between the podium and your seating position is never your original gait, it is the nerve-wrecked version of you.

Hence, to be sure you don’t go through another distressing slipping episode, use sandpaper to roughen the base of your shoe. The resulting rough base will help prevent any stumbling accidents from occurring and give you enough confidence to strut in those high-heeled ankle boots.

  1. Get Yourself Some Insoles:

Insoles are an excellent way to provide comfort in wearing difficult shoes. Insoles are shoe inserts that are easily removable. They have the function of providing support and ease in daily wear. They come in different sizes and you need to buy the one that fits you perfectly. They are padded to provide your feet with soft and comfortable support.

Insoles also help give you a better fitting. In case you purchased very expensive, designer boots but find them super uncomfortable, we have your problem solved. Buy yourselves a pair of insoles to wear inside the boots. It will provide extra comfort, warmth and better posture to your feet. Wearing boots for too long can get very painful. Wearing insoles inside your boots can help in reducing some of the unease and stress.

  1. Buy the Proper Fit:

Shoes without the perfect fitting are a nuisance. Let the shoe be slightly loose and it will significantly affect your gait. Besides, loose shoes are the perfect recipe for a tripping disaster. Excessively tight-fitted boots will also make you uncomfortable which will affect your movement and hinder your walk. During events and parties, where walking is usually a norm, wearing badly fitted boots might badly hurt your feet.

The wrong size of the boots might also hurt or bruise your feet which in turn might ruin your entire evening. If you have never experienced, trust us on this, shoe bites can be extremely painful. You wouldn’t want to waste your entire time limping around because of a shoe bite.

If you want to have a perfect, confident walk while wearing those ankle boots, make sure you get the perfect fit; not too tight and definitely not too loose.

  1. Start with Flat Heeled Boots:

Heeled boots can be difficult to manage. Heeled shoes, in general, need a bit of more practice as compared to normal, flat-soled boots. If you are not into wearing heels, it is important that you start small.

For starters, pick boots with either no heels at all or just an inch of a heel. This will help you gradually get into practice and gain confidence. When you are used to wearing boots with smaller heels, you can venture and go big! Taking it slow will help you in gaining confidence and not being overwhelmed.

Parties or events are all about relaxing, unwinding and social interactions. The last thing you would want to do would be to get anxious or nervous wearing uncomfortable boots. Hence, take it slow!

  1. Practice:

Practice makes a man perfect. We have all heard this phrase countless times. However, it is also very true. The more you practice a task, the more you become fluent in doing it.

This phrase also applies to wear difficult shoes. When we buy new shoes, we often do not realize how uncomfortable they might be to wear for longer periods during events. It gets super problematic if you realize that the boots you are wearing are giving you a tough time, right in the middle of an event. You cannot do anything except for pulling a brave face, bearing the pain and smiling through the party.

Hence, it is important to be well-prepared. You can start practicing your walk in those new boots a week before the event. You can wear the boots to some less formal event to know whether you would be able to pull them off or not. This will give you enough confidence to carry the boots effortlessly during a more formal, reserved event.

By feeling comfortable and having enough practice in the boots, you can manage to walk with a confident and self-assured gait.

  1. Exercise:

I am sure you are a little confused about how exercise might give you the confidence to pull off booties but trust us, it does.

Exercise is fundamental to building a strong core and body muscles. Wearing difficult shoes such as high-heeled ankle boots requires having robust calf muscles. High-heeled boots are bound to put a strain on your legs. If you love wearing heeled shoes in general, you should have a regular leg workout routine. The right exercise will give you the appropriate strength to maintain a confident walk while wearing ankle boots. It will also prevent your legs from straining excessively since working out will give the strength to cope up with the burden of high-heeled boots.

  1. Walk Slowly:

Not too slow as to make people believe you have got a problem, but enough to make sure you look confident. Often when we are nervous, we hurry things up to get over with the risk of messing up. However, this is what actually messes it up. Walking in ankle boots, that too at a high speed, is the right recipe for a massive disaster. Keep it slow and steady.

Moreover, your gait can easily give out hints about whether you are confident or a nerve-wreck. A fast-paced, quick walk shows insecurity and lack of self-confidence. Taking it slow will give people the idea that you are perfectly confident in your skin and those glamorous boots.

  1. Make Sure You Take Sitting Breaks:

Often, events are all about walking around and socializing with all the guests. It might also involve standing for long periods and interacting with a friend or a family member. Parties are all about chit-chat and conversations. However, high-heels or uncomfortable shoes might give you a hard time during all the walking around.

Standing in high-heeled ankle boots can sometimes be very difficult. It might over-burden your feet and strain your legs. To make sure you stay relaxed and comfortable during the event, try and take small sitting breaks in between your interactions. This will help provide slight ease and comfort to your feet. You could sit down, take off your shoes for a while and relax.

You might also excuse and take a restroom break. It will be the perfect time to refresh your makeup and give your feet that tiny chill-out session in between the overly strained walks around the party.

  1. Do Yoga:

Yoga does wonders when it comes to improving the balance of your body. It is vital to have the right posture and balance when you wish to wear ankle boots. Practicing yoga daily is extremely helpful in sharpening your body’s focus and inner balance.

Having the appropriate balance and posture gives your personality an attractive outlook. A poised posture is essential to maintain a confident walk. Practicing balance will also help in giving you the proper confidence to walk in high-heeled ankle boots.

  1. Feel Confident:

If you believe you look good and feel self-assured, you will radiate confidence. This is how it works. It is all in the mindset. Wise people say, what you think is what manifests. If you are nervous and keep wondering if you will be able to pull off your look or not, you will keep spiraling down. The key focus should be to feel confident and believe that whatever people think, you look amazing and will pull off the look beautifully.

It is vital to have a strong self-assurance system in you. The more you question yourself, the more you will be doubtful. It is a basic fashion tip to feel confident whatever you wear. With the right attitude and confidence, you can wear any attire and look amazing.


Picking out the right boots is crucial to having a confident and self-assured gait. The appropriate size and fit, in addition to making sure the boots provide enough comfort, will ensure that you walk the event with exceptional confidence and poise.

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