Best CMS platform for my Ecommerce Website

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What is C.M.S?


C.M.S. or a “Content Manager System” is the online program that translates your website from your dream design into HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the language of computer systems, so that it will appear online the way you have envisioned. Different C.M.S. providers offer different templates to build your website around; templates are basically just the translator that speaks to the system for you. Due to these different templates, one C.M.S. can be great for one business, but that does not always mean it will be great for everyone.

Here are a few C.M.S. platforms that you might want to consider when planning your online presence.




If you are looking to have a small online business where you can run inventory from your garage, Etsy could be the best platform for you. Although most people don’t realize that this is a C.M.S. platform, it is very much a mixture of a C.M.S platform, a social media platform, and a business of its own. It has been designed in a way that you must add a little personality to your business site to succeed - this can be a good or bad feature depending on how much of a brand you want your business to become. Few people remember your business’ name when they buy from you over Etsy, if asked from where they ordered an item, they will most likely reply “Etsy”, never thinking to mention your brand name. This is the cost of working with any well-known company, since the larger brand name is always the easiest to remember. The likelihood of repeat orders also begins to dwindle with this platform, since there are so many businesses to order through presented to shoppers.


There are also a lot of reasons why this C.M.S. platform is great.


#1. It’s cheaper for beginners than many other platforms.


#2. Helps Bring Customers to Your Online Shop


#3. And has an easy to work with C.M.S. platform.


Since everyone’s site setup is pretty much exactly the same, with this option, it is also easy to find business support with other business owners who have succeeded using this platform.


Many people find it best to have an Etsy store and a website. By using more than one platform, you can reach twice the audience you might with one. Etsy also gives you the opportunity to add a website USL, so that you can send shoppers to a private site to encourage second-time shoppers.




Shopify is an amazing opportunity for business owners, the C.M.S. Platforms are easy to use, and the platform encourages blogging and email lists from their affiliated small businesses. Shopify cuts the social media aspect of Etsy almost entirely, instead offering website-like platforms to the companies that work with them. The one downside to that option is the cost; although you can get a fourteen-day free trial to see how you like this option, as soon as the trial is over, the price becomes higher than most of the competing platforms.


It is always a good idea to have an official website. Owning your own website should just be part of having a great business. You can change things the way you wish for them to be and the price of an often-visited website is normally much lower than either of the aforementioned C.M.S. platforms. A personal website will also give an online commerce website the chance to have its own voice. By posting videos when you want, sharing products the way you think best, and building great long-term relationships through your website you can build an online business that has returned customers for nearly every sale. If you are considering going this more personal route you should consider using White Peak Digital as your C.M.S. Platform provider.


White Peak Digital


White Peak Digital works with your company to fix a C.M.S. Platforms that will fit your business dream and help move your company in a direction that will bring your business dreams to life. This company often works with WordPress, which is one of the best website providers in the world and best known and which one can learn further by clicking here. White Peak Digital is interested in getting small businesses off the ground rather than just large businesses that will quickly build their revenue. This is not a company that is prepared to abandon you with a half-finished business. They are prepared to stand by you every step of the path until you have achieved your marketing goals.
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