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Kim Anami Shares a Tale of ‘Orgasmic Enlightenment’ On New Podcast

  • Written by Auzzi Shopping

In a recent episode of her podcast “Orgasmic Enlightenment With Kim Anami” titled "F--king Is Better Than Therapy," holistic sex and relationship coach Kim Anami spoke about her philosophies on sex as a form of healing. Anami’s views on the therapeutic nature of the orgasm stem from her study of neuroscience, ancient sexual practices like tantra and Taoism, and her own experiences.

She believes that restorative sex is a way for all people to grow and improve in different areas. “​​Everything I teach about sex and intimacy is guiding you to the place where you can be your own self-healer and master creator of your reality,” Anami said. In this podcast episode, Anami spoke to one student, Alexa, whose life completely changed when she started incorporating these principles into her life.

Before she listened to Anami’s podcast, Alexa was a new mother coming out of a period of COVID-19 isolation, struggling with her finances and her relationship. She was $34,000 in debt and lacked the energy to restart singing and songwriting, which had been a source of inspiration for her since childhood. When she heard Kim Anami speak on the podcast, Alexa said things started to change: “So much of my life just shifted because I shifted internally.”

Alexa began applying the lessons she heard on the podcast in her life: self-pleasuring, using a jade egg, and practicing various kinds of massages on herself. Once she started doing these things, Alexa acknowledges she became more in tune with her wants and needs. She realized she wasn’t being honest with herself or the people who love her. “I was being a version of myself I thought people really wanted from me because it was a role I was so used to playing. And I really came out of that role and discovered who I am as myself,” Alexa revealed.

Alexa also spoke about the roots of the traumas she didn’t realize she was holding onto before she started Anami’s course, from shameful feelings around sex to her struggles with her weight after having a baby. When she began incorporating ideas from the podcast, she noticed health improvements, weight loss, and motivation to take action on creative pursuits that she’d put on hold.

In the past year, Alexa has begun writing and performing songs again and has taken steps to get a TV program off the ground by starting her own production company. She attributes much of this forward momentum to her sexual exploration encouraged by Anami’s teachings. “I had the courage and the inspiration combined, which was something I was missing for so long because of how much I had blocked within me,” Alexa said.

In reopening avenues for herself, Alexa said she’s also been able to heal parts of her relationship with her husband. “Who I was showing up being in my marriage was reflected in my husband,” she said. “I feel like I became more attractive to my husband, as well as more brave and bold in saying these things that I needed, or talking about things that we had really swept under a rug.”

For Anami, these transformations are ultimate proof of the way people have the power to alter their circumstances by taking those first few healing steps. “All you need to do is commit and soon it all takes on a life of its own because the body and the brain get all of this positive reinforcement that this feels good,” Anami said. “And then your life starts to give that reinforcement back to you when opportunities start coming to you and things start to change without you having to try hard to change them.”

Alexa said she’s most excited about passing lessons of sexual positivity and empowerment to her daughter, who embodies innocence and contentment in her body. By learning and growing through the podcast, Alexa said she’s rediscovered a relationship with the world she thought she’d lost. “I used to feel, at a young age, I had this strong connection with myself and with life at large. And through doing this work, I've reconnected with that.”