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Things to consider when planning a road trip

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A road trip is a great way to see a country and a great way to get to know your friends and family a little better. Done right it is a relaxed and social meander through the country, taking in sites and locations that usually go unseen on more traditional destination orientated trips. The whole notion that life is a journey and not a destination holds true to the concept of the road trip, which is something that everybody should do. Here are some things to consider when planning a road trip.

Don’t focus on the route

Contrary to popular belief a road trip doesn’t have to end back where it started, it can end anywhere. These days aeroplanes can mean getting back home is a quick and easy process and you can just pop your wheels onto a moving vehicle and you will discover that it is very easy to transport a car from Brisbane to Cairns or to any other major city for that matter. If you budget and plan accordingly and know that you car will travel back safely without you then you will quickly discover that there are lots more options available in terms of where to go. You can really let the mood take you.

Switch of and be present

As much as it is great fun to stay up to date with people via social media and online, focus on not doing that while you are on the road. Take pictures for sure, but aim to share them when you get back, or spend a limited time each day uploading a few selected ones. The goal of a road trip is twofold. Firstly it is to see the country and secondly it is to relax and get away from it all. So commit to doing it properly – at the very least you owe it to the people that you are travelling with.

Stop often

If you recognize the philosophy of journey rather than destination then guard against making the trip a series of daily destinations. Rather embrace the trip and stop often. Eat at quirky country restaurants, browse in old book stores and take time to peruse old and quaint museums. There is so much to see and so much history and character dotted around most countries that is completely overlooked in favour of the big city experiences.

Talk to the locals

As important as it is to stop and see what the smaller destinations have to offer, it is also important to meet the characters and people of the towns and villages that you are passing through. Talk to them and hear their stories. Listen to them and learn from their perspectives and insights. Taking the time to appreciate these people and their places will make the whole road trip experience so much more worthwhile and valuable and it will undoubtedly translate into great stories and experiences to tell the people back home on your return.

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