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Know Your Crew on a Ship

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Cruise ships and yachts come in all sizes. On one end, some only have a captain and a chef who also doubles up as the deckhand. In most cases, these are smaller yachts and are run by couples. The bigger the boat or ship, the larger the crew. Though all band members can interchangeably do jobs in each category, there are some fundamental roles. The charterer should know what the dos and don’ts' of each are. Let’s go through each of them and find out what they can and cannot do.

The Captain-has four golden stripes on the shoulders.

The captain at Sydney boat hire has supreme authority and responsibility for the whole ship, so he has the final say. That is a basic rule, and any charterer who tests it risks being put ashore.

Do-Let, the captain, know your desires and wishes. They will do anything possible to grant them but not at the risk of the yacht or crew. Consider the itinerary your captain offers even when it differs from yours. Their suggestions can be far better than yours.

Don’t- Make unreasonable demands. For example, insisting the cruiser ship leaves the harbor at the crack of dawn. This may not be possible as the tide will not have turned in till mid-morning. Therefore the harbor entrance is shallow at daybreak. Don't argue if the captain advises the sea is too rough to go on with the days' plans. It's better safe than sorry. Besides, dealing with motion sickness is not fun at all.

The Chef-In charge of Food

Although the captain is overall, the chef is key to most charterers. The flexibility of a chef is of great essence as they need to juggle between making five-star gourmet courses to barbecues then back to ham sandwiches for kids.

Do-Get to know the chef’s specialties and see menu samples before settling on a yacht. It is essential they cook according to your preferences. Vacationing for a week with a chef specializing in Asian cuisines is not fun if sushi and noodles are not your kind of Food. When you finally get a chef, tell them your preferences in both foods and drinks. This ensures you enjoy your Food at every meal.

Don’t- Remember the chef has very few hours of rest or none at all. Put that in mind as you make your demands.

The Deck Crew

This crew is everyone from the first officer who deputizes the captain to the deckhands. During the night, or depending on how big the ship is, the deck crew on Sydney boat hire may serve as bartenders at dinner. However, their primary duty is to maintain and operate the vessel.

Do-Get to understand who does what. The captain will introduce each of them and state what they do. Some keep the ship spotlessly clean while others launch water toys.

Don’t- never shy away from asking for help. For example, moving a chaise lounge to your desired position is best left to a deck crew. If you slide it, you may leave scratches on the deck. The crew is there to serve you; make use of them appropriately.

Understand that the captain’s word is law, get to know the chef’s specialty before booking a yacht and meet the rest of the crew. Enjoy your vacation with them at your service, as they are delighted to pamper you.

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