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PureDew Celebrates Its 26th Anniversary & Unveils Exclusive Offer For GSS 2023

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SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 3 July 2023 - PureDew International Pte Ltd is proud to announce and celebrate its 26th Anniversary. To mark this significant milestone, the company is delighted to unveil an exclusive offer for this year's Great Singapore Sale (GSS), which will provide customers with savings on their water dispenser products.

This offer allows customers to enjoy savings on their water dispensers, including the renowned water purifier for home which has gained popularity among households in Singapore.

A Singapore water dispenser is incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of contexts. Water dispensers also come in an assortment of sizes – with a countertop water dispenser being smaller in size and a commercial one being larger in size.

As the distributor of the largest manufacturer in the USA, Korea, Taiwan, and China, PureDew boasts an extensive range of water appliances. To further prevent the spread of germs and to provide safe drinking water throughout the day, PureDew offers a collection of contactless water dispensers. The Kalix Contactless water cooler features a foot-controlled mechanism, enabling users to dispense water without any hand contact. On the other hand, the Snowdrop Touchfree dispenser utilises motion sensor technology, enhancing convenience and safety whilst dispensing hot water.

Since its inception in 1997, PureDew has been committed to providing pure, clean, and safe drinking water to a range of establishments, including offices, schools, homes and more. With a comprehensive line-up of water appliances suitable for various contexts, PureDew continues to revolutionise accessibility and convenience for individuals and businesses across the country.

To celebrate its 26th Anniversary, PureDew's exclusive GSS 2023 offers a 26% discount off all water dispensers for customers when they enter the code "GSSANN26". This promotion is valid till 31 July 2023, and terms and conditions apply.

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