Steps you can Take for Making Termite Control Sydney Easy

Termite control Sydney is an ever-ongoing process owing to the large population and variety of pests present in this city. Along with being the largest city in Australia, Sydney is also known for being the city with problems related to the pest infestation.

Homeowners, business owners, property managers, real estate brokers, and cleaning staff encounter excessive trouble due to these pests. Though some pests cause less extent of damage than the others, it does not mean that you should take this issue lightly.

From the damage point of view, termites are nothing less than a nightmare. These tiny insects can destroy the wooden objects in any property. Being eusocial organisms, termites live in large colonies, and thus, can harm your belongings significantly. Every individual and business have faced the problem of termite infestation at least once. They use various solutions for eliminating pests from their buildings.

Follow these Tips for Controlling & Preventing Termites

From more than 300 species of termites found in Australia, a few species can harm the humans by invading their spaces. As pointed out earlier in this article, you should show sufficient seriousness when it comes to any issue that is related to pests.

Therefore, even if only a few species attack properties, you need to practice vigilance and stay prepared with your defence mechanisms. As a property owner, renter, manager, supervisor, or cleaner, you can take some steps to limit the growth of termites and prevent future infestation.

  • Build the Right Barriers

An adequate distance is required between the soil and wood in and around your building. A barrier in the form of cement, concrete, stones, or any other building material should be present between the soil and the wood. So, if you have a wooden deck, patio, porch, or outdoor wooden furniture, you should make sure that these do not have direct contact with the soil.

If you have a garden, front yard, or backyard, you need to take special care. Keep plants and green waste away from the entry points of rooms. Dispose of the leaves, tree branches, grass clippings, twigs, and other green waste frequently.

  • Minimize the Moisture

Just like most of the pests, termites also prefer living in areas that have moisture. So, you should minimize the level of moisture in your property. You can install exhaust fans in bathrooms for removing moisture. You can periodically inspect the basement and other areas of your house that remain moist or damp.

Most of the times, people fail to notice problems, like leaky pipes, walls, and ceilings in their home or workplace. As a result, moisture seeps in their property, thereby leading to an infestation of termites and other pests. You need to look out for leakage problems and fix them immediately whenever they arise. Buying a dehumidifier is always a great option for reducing the moisture level.

  • Utilize the Modern Solutions

Improvements in the fields of construction and woodworking have led to the birth of solutions or techniques that can prevent termite invasion. In new construction projects, termite barriers can be created in the form of meshes and concrete pours at the foundation level. Attention should be paid to the materials and methods of foundation.

Similarly, while making new furniture pieces, you can apply products like repellents for avoiding termite attacks. Certain types of wood, such as cedar and redwood, act as a repellent for termites. Many opt for using homemade repellents as well.

  • Examine the Wooden Objects

Finding out about the termite infestation is not easy as it becomes visible only after a substantial amount of damage has occurred. Therefore, you should examine the wooden objects in your property regularly for noticing the signs of damage.

You can tap against the wood for hearing the sound it makes. If the wooden items sound hollow, it can be due to the termite infestation. You can also check whether holes or cracks are there in the wooden objects or not. Sawdust lying on the floor is also a strong indicator or the presence of termites.

Following the above-mentioned tips can help you to control and prevent the termite infestation. However, despite taking all the precautions, termites can still invade your property. Old, rotten, and damaged wooden building materials and objects are prone to termites. In such a case, you should resort to the termite treatment experts.


Along with different remedies and prevention tips, you also need to seek professional help for getting rid of termites in your property.

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