Common Issues To Consider When Working On Reticulation Repairs

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Reticulation problems plaguing your yard? Got pools of puddle or brown spots here and there? Then your landscape needs some TLC and maintenance ASAP. But how? By knowing what the root cause of the problem is, you can finally work on solving the issue.

The following are common issues to consider when working on reticulation repairs.

Sunken Heads

If your sprinkler has a sunken head, it could be because of unnecessary soil degradation. If you do not fix this, it can result to misting, runoffs or brown spots since your reticulation system is unable to distribute water on your landscape evenly. One can solve the problem by realigning the sprinkler head to make an even distribution of water.

Tilted Sprinkler Heads

When the head of your sprinkler is tilted, it’s ability to do its job is affected. Why? It causes an uneven supply of water in your yard. The usual causes of this are poor lawn maintenance. Since the sprinkler head is not aligned, watering the yard will be ineffective. Areas left unwatered will turn into brown spots. Taking it back to its original position should do the trick.

Clogged Nozzle Heads

All kinds of dirt, soil and debris can accumulate on your sprinkler heads, causing some to clog.  Make sure to turn off the sprinkler system before you attempt to clean this area. Carefully remove the sprinkler’s head, clamp the body and proceed in cleaning the nozzle. Secure it back on the nozzle’s head.

Broken Pieces of equipment

If you have anything broken, then chances are water is already moving down the drain along with your money. Not only this precious resource going to waste, but it is also one way of raising up your water bill. Just because water is pouring out of the system means your landscape will thrive. Due to the leak, your reticulation system is not able to do its job efficiently. There are only two ways solutions to the problem – fix it, or have it replaced.

Wrong Pressure

When your reticulation system is not calibrated correctly, it can result in improper pressure. If it’s too high, you will only produce smaller droplets of water. It is just a waste of resources as this can easily evaporate making the watering system ineffective while the head of the sprinkler wears easily. One can fix this through the use of a pressure reducer. If it’s too low, it can only mean two things. You’ll have a poorly watered lawn or worse. There’s a more significant problem – a leak. You can either redesign your whole reticulation system by yourself or find a good company that handles reticulation repair Perth.

Irrigation timer or controller problems

When you have issues with your timer or controller, chances are you have an inefficient way of controlling your retic system. It’s best to invest in a great smart controller to help adjust the timing as well as save water instead of wasting.

Although the internet is full of great advice when it comes to repairing your reticulation problems, it’s best to let the expert handle it for you. Why waste time trying to figure things out if you already have money to spend to make the professionals work their magic? By getting yourself the best reticulation repair Perth, you can finally relax knowing your retic problem is as good as gone.
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