10 common accessories owned by women

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Bags, belts, hats, jewelry, and shoes are essential accessories for the success of any clothing. However, as if it were a good recipe, they should be dosed and carefully combined with each other to create a harmonious balance of shapes, colors, and materials.

Inside our wardrobe, the number of women’s accessories seems to never be enough. In fact, since they adapt to seasonal changes, they are considered as the elements responsible for giving a new touch to the outfit. Among all, however, there are some that simply can’t be missing. Here we are going to talk to you about the 10 essential accessories to wear on each occasion.

Fashion accessories can help you enhance your dress and create outfits that fit the purpose of your day, transforming a formal look into a casual one or a day dress into a night one.


Sunglasses are accessories that make any woman feel a little more diva. Undoubtedly, hiding behind its crystals will allow you to hide your eyes and, occasionally, those dark circles that you light after having spent the night partying in the disco.

Cat's eye, aviator, round, square models. There are many to choose from, but beware! This is also an accessory that must be chosen very carefully always considering the shape of the face.

Sunglasses are one of the accessories that can’t be missing in your closet, not only because they complement your outfit, but because they prevent eye damage from the sun's radiation. In an accessory store for women, you can find many designs and models. Choose the one in which a young and modern look predominates.

Some of the models are cat-eyes or visor glasses with a mirror or gradient effect, in a hexagonal or square shape. Ideally, choose any of these designs in black, as it is easy to combine.


In your wardrobe, you can ‘t miss a bag that you can use at the weekend or even at work. Look for one that has a semi-formal style and that you can combine with jeans, tennis, casual dresses or flats shoes.

A fashion accessory store has mini bags, totes, crusades, and even have a section dedicated only to work bags with silver and black among other models.


Add in your closet a clutch in black, beige or silver that includes jewelry for your evening events, or one in lighter colors, such as pastel pink or yellow, for morning events. You can find some models in a fashion accessories store with a wide variety of designs on bags and shoes for women that set trends with daring looks.

Without a doubt, a pouch or clutch a true protagonist in any formal event. This type of handbag is suitable for outfits that stand out for their elegance and exclusivity. You can find embroidered models, made of satin, decorated with stones ... it’s clear that no matter which one you choose, you will give a touch of glamor to your clothing that will not go unnoticed.


The scarves or chews are ideal to wear on your hair, either as a headband or as a bun, or you can wear them on your neck. You can also tie them to your bag to give it much more color and originality.

You will find scarves with prints of cave animals, birds and insects, architectural landscapes and many flowers to make a serious outfit, something much more striking. This women's accessory is distinguished by being ideal if you like to experiment with prints and colors.


Do not forget to include in your accessories the headbands, since, in addition to giving a youthful touch to your style, they help you deal with the hair in the worst days. To help you with the choice, there are masquerade style headbands, with floral prints in black and gray colors, or more summers such as blue, orange, yellow, among others.

The Shopper Bag

Spacious and spacious, the shopper bag is perfect for all those days in which you must spend many hours away from home or, simply, for those in which you will enjoy a shopping session with your friends. The reason? Well, you can put everything you can think of in it! From a bottle of water to your mobile phone through the book you are reading right now. Undoubtedly, it is the ideal bag to put the climax to work and leisure time clothing.

The Foulard

It may sound a bit retro or outdated, but the truth is that a foulard is an accessory that, even today, is absolutely indispensable both from a practical and aesthetic point of view. It serves to cover and uncover pronounced necklines, but also to give a touch of color to the most monotonously colored attire.

The classic foulard is made of silk and there are many fashion brands that have created iconic models. Depending on your tastes and needs, you can also opt for a foulard or pashmina of cotton, linen, wool or cashmere.

The Hat

If there is a hat that all women dream of, that is what Audrey Hepburn wore at Breakfast with Diamonds. This accessory, however, is especially convenient in daily attires since it becomes an ally of perfect style to personalize them.

From the perfect wide-brimmed models for winter to hand-woven Panama for the summer, there is always a hat capable of adapting perfectly to the shape of your face to enhance it.

Heel Shoes

With a suit for work, with tight jeans or with a long dress on your gala nights, heeled shoes are enough to make any outfit super feminine.

Combined classic heels, for example, with black dresses are absolutely essential to understand the universe of women's fashion.

The Collar Oversize

Large necklaces have the same effect as a magic wand on any item of clothing. In this sense, they are able to stylize even the most basic white t-shirt. Often, they are accessories that are reserved for important moments, but we recommend that you include them in your day today.

The Belt

Like the majority of accessories that we have named, belts are born with a purely practical premise. However, they soon became an aesthetic element on which the best designers and stylists have worked hard.

Of thick leather, of smooth textured leather, of synthetic leather, of rope fabrics, with crocodile prints or inlaid jewels ... Regardless of the type that you like, a belt will help you mark the line of your waist and get those blouses and pants to fit you even better.

The Earrings

Whether they are small points of light in your ears or eye-catching ethnic style spiders bought in a hippie market, the earrings are largely responsible for marking your style. In addition, it is easy to choose one suitable for each occasion, although it is always important not to overdo it. For example, if you are going to wear a large necklace, do not choose too flashy earrings. The key is always in balance. Here are some other women’s accessories to consider.


Do you already have everything you need to put the finishing touch to your outfit, or something is still missing from your wardrobe? However, it is important that you know that it is not necessary to invest a lot of money on clothes or footwear to look good. You can buy basic women's fashion accessories and take advantage of them in your daily arrangement.

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