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Plumbings are one of the most widely used systems in the house. The fact that their usage is important, they are also prone to major problems. These problems come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, but still, they are mostly ignored by the homeowners. The homeowners only come to realize the problems when it is no longer under their control. In this case, it is always advised following the preventive measures to avoid the risks of developing the problem. But still, plumbings are the complex systems and different issues are always certain to happen.

However, there are many DIY hacks and tricks to solve these problems. Most of the problems require special considerations and small ignorance can cause major accidents to your property and loved ones. Whether it is the running faucets or a clogged toilet, each one of them holds a significant threat to damage the property. In this case, many professionals recommend performing regular plumbing inspection to find any anomaly in the system. Since the pipes are easily accessible, there is always some space to use the tricks to solve household plumbing problems. With that said, let’s discuss different household plumbing problems and solutions.


Low water pressure is one of the common concerns raised by homeowners. Low water pressure can become head-scratching if not taken care of priorly. Low water pressure can mean many things. The problem can either be with pipe leakage or water storage. The first thing you need to check is whether the problem persists with the warm water or not. Many households plumbing has damaged pipelines, which becomes the cause of low water pressure.

The pipeline leakage increases the threats of damaging the walls and furniture goods inside the house. This problem can be fixed by identifying the part of the leakage and using pipe wraps to fix the leakage temporarily. If the problem persists, you can consider a professional plumber Sydney to fix the pipelines.

The sediments buildup in the faucets and showerheads can also lead to low water pressure. It is important to check them and clean the water flow pipe with vinegar. You can also use the toothbrush to clean the faucets thoroughly for the residue that halts the water flow.


If your sink overflows with water and takes forever to drain, then you have the problem with the sink drain. The problem is caused by the blockage inside the drain that hinders the water flow. The pop-up drain easily gets clogged with the grease and other items and causes the water to overflow in the sink. However, there is a very simple solution to solve the problem without any professional assistance.

One way to solve the slow drainage problem is by opening the pop-up drain and cleaning the blockage like debris, hair, etc. You can easily open the pop-up drain by using a screwdriver. Then clean it with the vinegar or baking soda to remove all the debris and blockage remains around it. Also, pour boiling water inside the drain to drain all the items that hinder the water flow. It is recommended to avoid tossing greasy items, eggshells, and leftover foods into the sink. The reason for that is these items easily clogs the drain, which causes the drain to overflow.


If you have ever heard the dripping sounds of water at midnight, then you have dripping problems with the faucet. Many people ignore the problem of dripping faucets and realize only when it starts to show its impacts on the water bills. Research has also mentioned that more than 9,400 gallons of water wasted each year is because of the dripping faucets. With these figures, it becomes important to fix the problems as early as possible and avoid the consequences.

The fix for dripping faucets is quite easy and does not requires more tools than just a wrench. All you need to do is to force open the faucet’s washer by using the wrench and replace it with a new one. The dripping problem is caused by the damaged washer, which can be damaged with a little stiffness. After replacement, clean the faucet with a towel and inspect for further drippings.


Running toilets is not something you want to experience in your life. The complications with the running toilets are much severe than any other plumbing issues. This problem not only directly impacts bills but also leads to damage to your property. Running toilets is not something to be ignored and can waste water up to 200 gallons every day. However, you can still fix the problem with a simple, handy tool like a wrench. At first, perform a thorough inspection of the flush and look for the damaged flush valve.

Simply open the flush valve and replace it with a new one. One thing must be noted that the standard size for the flush valve is 3.5 inches. If the problem persists, then it is a call for a professional plumber.


There is nothing more frustrating than water heater issues. If you are facing the fluctuations during the bath when the water suddenly turns cold or hot. Then you have complications with the water heater. The prime cause of the problem is the sediments that build up inside the heater and blocks the water flow.

The easiest way to solve this problem is by attaching an end of the hose to the water heater’s drain. Put the other end of the hose outside your house. Opening one of the faucets inside your house will trigger the drain to flow the water. All the sediments will also drain along with the water.


Every plumbing problem can be fixed if it is taken into consideration at the right time. The plumbing is indeed the complex systems, and not all problems can be fixed with the DIY tricks. When needed get the services of a professional Sydney plumber. But, preventive measures can always save your time and cost for paying for the damage caused by severe plumbing problems.

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