How to Take Care of Preserved, Long-Lasting Roses: 5 Simple Tips

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Unlike normal fresh roses which will only last for a few days, preserved roses can amazingly last at least one year and up to three years in some cases. They are one-hundred per cent natural, real roses which can stay fresh with almost no care and attention. In terms of texture, preserved roses are indistinguishable from cut flowers. Although the roses would go through a transformational process for stabilisation, most preservation processes do not use any components usually found in artificial flowers like synthetic fabrics or plastic.

The preservation process transforms the roses into long-lasting roses retaining their freshness and natural form. The process starts when expert farmers pick the roses at their peak and radiant state. Nevertheless, not all roses can withstand the treatment. Thus, farmers carefully select and cut only the strongest rose specimens. While these flowers do not require any special maintenance, you can keep them fresh for as long as possible with proper care. These are five simple tips on how to properly care for your preserved roses.

Tip #1: Keep Them Indoors And Away From Sunlight

The outdoors have various elements which may reduce the lifespan of preserved roses. These elements include dust, temperature changes, humidity, wind and curious animals which may want to play with the roses. Hence, the best way to take care of the long-lasting roses is to keep them indoors at room temperature.

During the preservation process, roses are re-coloured with innovative technology after letting it absorb a special fluid which replaces the water and sap, little by little. Therefore, you should place the roses away from the sunlight to prevent them from losing colour due to extended sunlight exposure.

Tip #2: Place Them in a Cool & Dry Area

Certain areas in the house have higher humidity and trap heat more than other areas, like the kitchen. These areas are not the best spot to place preserved roses since, excess humidity and heat reduce the lifespan of any natural flower, be it preserved or fresh. Since the preserved roses have organic elements, you should keep them away from these kinds of environments which accelerates their degradation.

Tip #3: Keep Them Away From Water

Although the preserved roses feel and look exactly like freshly cut roses, you cannot expose them to any form of water as they may lose the attributes which make them last longer. Thus, you do not have to change the water in the vase, now and then, to preserve their freshness.

Tip #4: Do Not Press, Crush or Fold the Petals

Since preserved roses are still natural flowers, some considerations which apply when taking care of fresh flowers still apply to them. The preserved roses will lose their beauty and may even break when someone presses, crushes or folds their petals, similar to any fresh flowers.

Tip #5: Use Cool and Dry Air Stream for Cleaning

Another key tip for taking care of preserved roses is to keep them clean. While they last for more than one year, they will inevitably capture some dust. The best way to deal with the dust is to clean the roses each month with a cool and dry air stream.



Preserved roses generally do not require any maintenance. However, to best retain their elegance, vitality and natural beauty, as well as keeping them in the best condition for a long time, you just have to follow these simple tips. In short, keep them indoors and away from direct sunlight and water, place them in a cool and dry area of the house, avoid pressing or crushing their petals and use a cool and dry air stream to clean them every month.

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