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Your Brissy adventure: best things to do in Brisbane

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Brisbane is one of the ultimate gems of Australian travel. Its gorgeous weather, exciting events calendar and close proximity to some of Australia’s most vibrant nature make this city a most sought-after holiday destination!

Whether you’re dining like a local at Eat Street, kayaking along the famous Brisbane River at twilight, heading out to the pristine Moreton Island or just soaking up the sun and vibe in this buzzing town, Brisbane certainly has plenty to enjoy in and out of the city itself!

So, whether you’re driving, flying or in need of Brisbane cruise terminal transfers, here are some of the things that delight and excite in the ever-fabulous Brisbane city…

  • Local fare at Eat Street

Brisbane has built its very own United Nations of cuisine in the North Shore: Eat Street. This amazing, open air container market has food from each and every corner of the world, with tantalising gastronomical delights to inspire your senses and entice your palate.

Fancy an Argentinian barbie feast? They’ve got you covered. Want to chow down on some of Brissy’s best pad thai? Of course, you can! Or, are you just feeling a classic pizza to fill you up in between adventures? Molto bene!

Yes, Eat Street is the place hungry locals come to enjoy world cuisine and relax in a stylish atmosphere with a beer in hand. It’s the perfect place to beat the heat, refresh your senses and enjoy some of the city’s best dining right from the relaxed atmosphere or market stalls…

  • Kayak the Brisbane River

The Brisbane River is the ideal setting to climb aboard a kayak, put your arms to the test and enjoy stunning views of the city from the water. The river bank is dotted with some of the city’s most famous landmarks, making it the perfect way for you to see this city as your knowledgeable guide points out these amazing points of interest and why they are so important to Brisbane.

There are multiple kayaking options on offer, including a glittering day tour and a dazzling twilight tour complete with grazing board and fine wine! If you’ve ever wanted to truly combine inner-city fun with an exciting, waterborne adventure, then a kayak tour along “The Brown Snake” is one of the best there is! You can find more adventure ideas at school holiday activities brisbane.

  • Head out to Moreton Island

Moreton Island is one of Australia’s most incredible nature spots. This pristine, semi-tropical paradise is full of fun and adventure to keep you there for at least a day (though we recommend staying for a few days, if you can).

Some of the most exciting adventures that await you on Moreton Island include quad bike tours, dolphin spotting, sand tobogganing, whale watching, animal spotting, shipwreck snorkelling and, amazingly, so much more!

The island is a true gem for anyone who wants to see some of Australia’s natural beauty and unique wildlife in one place, and you will be truly happy you escaped the urban heat to come and spend some time on this miraculous outpost.

  • Enjoy local beers

Brisbane, being a toasty town, is home to many purveyors of one of Australia’s greatest refreshments: the humble beer. Naturally, there are plenty of ways you can enjoy a couple of frothies straight from the source, with beer tours and brewery bars serving up the cold ones that put Brissy on the beer map.

Think classics like XXXX as well as famous newcomers like Stone and Wood and the Brisbane Brewing Co - either way, you’ll enjoy a cold beer after enjoying a day’s leisure in the awesome city of Brisbane!

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