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Top 3 Gambling Destinations in Australia by Popularity

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Gambling is a passion among Australians. There are no other and better words to describe it. They’ve been gambling, mostly incognito, since the island nation’s founding. Lottery, horse racing, and, of course, “pokie”, are all popular in Australia. The last is the most profitable part of the Australian gambling industry. The Australians regard pokies as a religion. They have their own local pokie halls, which are essentially rows upon rows of slot machines. The term poker machine inspired the creation of the word pokie.

Even though typical casinos weren’t legalized until 1973, the first pokie hall opened in 1956. In February of 1973, the first land-based casino debuted in the public. Since the first casino opened its doors, Australia’s casinos have grown in popularity, making it one of the most popular gaming locations for both locals and tourists. Pokies will always be popular in Australia, but the country is experiencing a surge in high-end table games. Gambling was legalized in the country fairly recently – in the 1970s.

Casinos in Australia account for over 60% of all dollars spent in the country. That’s a substantial sum of money. Let’s move on to the most popular gaming destinations in Australia now that you’ve learned the facts. Of course, you don’t have to travel around the country to have a superb gambling experience because online wagering at casinos with no deposit bonus codes in Australia is always an option to satisfy this pastime of yours.

#1 Wrest Point Casino (Hobart, Tasmania)

The Wrest Point Casino is the country’s oldest casino. The casino resort is located in the Tasmanian suburb of Sandy Bay. The Derwent River runs through it. The majority of the rooms in the hotel have spectacular views of the river. In 1939, it was built as the Wrest Point Rivera Hotel. The current casino location offers a modern flair that keeps up with the times.

Over 700 slot machines and various gaming tables can be found on the 20,000-square-foot casino floor. Blackjack and poker tournaments, as well as the renowned Australian Dealer Championships, are held at the casino.

Wrest Point Casino hosts a variety of social events, as well as elegant hotel rooms, a conference center, and a variety of eating alternatives. There’s a dress code in effect at the casino resort. You’ll be greatly disappointed if you come in from their pool area to play a game of blackjack. On the casino floor, no swim trunks or t-shirts are permitted.

#2 Crown Melbourne (Melbourne, Victoria)

The Crown Casino and Entertainment Complex was opened in 1994 and was transferred to its current location in 1997. The facility has 500 square feet in size, making it a global challenger among the world’s largest casinos. The huge square footage and décor of the casino are similar to those found in Las Vegas’ mega casinos. The Crown consists of 3 hotels, 25 restaurants (2 of which are run by renowned chef Gordon Ramsay), and over 10 bars. Live entertainment and nightclubs are available at the site.

The Crown Casino also offers a high-end shopping mall and a spa. Guests can even choose from themed wedding packages. For nightlife and non-gambling activities, this is Australia’s best casino. The casino resort attracts about 11 million visitors annually, outnumbering the world-famous Sydney Opera House. The casino’s overseas gaming revenue is around 800 million dollars, accounting for a third of its overall revenue. Not to mention, the casino places a premium on VIP gamblers, offering a number of promos and vacation packages tailored specifically for them.

#3 Country Club Tasmania (Launceston, Tasmania)

Launceston, Tasmania is home to the Country Club Tasmania. Launceston is one of Australia's oldest cities. In 1982, the casino first opened its doors. It is one of Australia’s most well-known casinos. The casino's design is remarkable. The gambling tables were segregated from the gaming machines (pokies). The Country Club Tasmania has something for everyone, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned poker player. For their VIP clients, they even have a unique lounge and program.

The casino’s prime location provides breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The hotel complex features a golf course, boutique hotel and villas, superb dining options, and live entertainment. If you visit this location, everyone in your family will find something to like.

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