A Guide to Taking Care of Your Pooch

For many people, pets are an important part of the family. When it comes to dogs, there is no exception. They have long been known as man’s best friend, who will always be by your side if you are having a bad day. Friendly hearts and warm fur make them the world’s first choice of pet, who will protect your family home and accompany you on long walks around the park. All this means is that there is no wonder that people will do anything to keep their dog happy and healthy.

No wonder dog owners want to give their pooches the best life possible.


Feed them the right food

It should come as no surprise that keeping a dog healthy means they must eat all the necessary food. Yet you should also remember that there are many foods that dogs cannot eat, such as chocolate. Feeding them such foods will result in your dog becoming poorly very quickly. Instead, focus on feeding your dog as much protein as possible, and cook any vegetables before giving it to them. When you are looking for the best place to buy pet food, head to an online pet superstore like Kellyville Pets, where there is a selection of dog food and pet accessories to browse.


Walk them often

Just as with humans, dogs need to have a regular exercise routine, and walking has many health benefits. Some dogs will thrive when on walks in the wilderness, while others may be predisposed to obesity. In any case, your dog should be walked at least once a day, as it is widely regarded to be unfair to leave them inside the house all day.

Ideally, you should take them on a walk whenever you are going on one, to make sure they are making the most of the great outdoors. Many people even choose to bring their dogs on morning runs, but you can also let them play outside on the days you can’t take them out.


Follow correct home treatments

Dogs are prone to many diseases, which can make taking care of them a little harder than you might anticipate. Lots of these diseases can be treated through regular home treatments, such as anti-worming medication. If you don’t dedicate some time to treating your dog for these diseases, you may find yourself paying lots in medical fees. Moreover, your dog might suffer more pain in the long run. Luckily, lots of information about dog diseases can be found online, and there are numerous natural and medicated treatments you can give them to keep their health in top condition.


Take regular trips to the vet

Unfortunately, not all health problems can be solved by giving your dog home treatments and feeding them the right diet. In fact, there are some issues that must be resolved by a trusted veterinary practitioner. For example, your dog might experience cataracts in their old age, which cannot be solved through your own intervention. To ensure you are stopping any health problems your dog may have in their tracks, you should make regular vet appointments. This way, your vet can run thorough check-ups and do all they can to keep your dog healthy.


Don’t neglect grooming

It is widely understood that a well-groomed dog is usually a happy one. If your dog has messy fur, it has more chance of picking up diseases or dirt from being outside. Keeping your dog’s fur shorter is a great way of keeping it clean. However, you should also bathe them regularly to ensure there is no dirt being brought into the home.

There are specialist dog shampoos you can use so that the chemicals in regular shampoo don’t irritate your dog’s skin. Bathing can be a tricky job if your dog doesn’t like water, so you can think of more imaginative ways to clean them, such as doing it outside with a hose and making a game out of it.


Treat them

Dogs make up an important role in people’s lives, and lots of families can’t live without their wonderful furry friend. As a way of saying thank you, you should treat your dog often to show them how much they mean to you. From extending their walk time by a few minutes to feeding them tasty treats; cuddling them on cold evenings, to buying them a new favourite toy, there are many ways you can do this. Over time, your dog will be wagging their tail non-stop, and they will be a constant joy to be around.

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