Sneakers at Every Occasion

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There are a lot of different kinds of footwear in the world and, for whatever reason, most of it is uncomfortable. That’s even truer if you’re a woman. The footwear that counts as formal or business appropriate is often not very comfortable. That’s why people rarely wear business clothes on the weekends or in their downtime. When they get to choose what kind of shoes they want to wear, they generally pick sneakers. There’s a reason for that; sneakers are the most comfortable and versatile style of shoe available. The sneakers of the 21st century are derived from the basketball shoes of the early 1920s. The very best ones are those that are simply constructed and made of a good material.

Basketball Shoes of the 1920s

In 1891, an American named James Naismith invented a game for his boys to play when the weather was bad outside. He invented an indoor game from items he had around his home; he called his game basket ball. Eventually, the two words were combined. For the first few years of basketball’s life, it was a game played in boys’ homes and schools. Eventually, it spread to universities and even became professional. However, no indoor sport had ever been professional before, so there was no precedent for footwear. People generally wore their everyday shoes to play basketball. Leather-soled shoes didn’t provide any ankle support and they also slipped and slid across the court.

In the 1920s, as basketball was growing in popularity, the basketball shoe was invented. Most early basketball shoes were simple shoes made of canvas sewn onto rubber soles. The rubber sole gripped the wooden court better than leather, and the basketball shoe catapulted into fame. Those early shoes are still popular. Because of their simple construction, their low profile, and their affordability, people have started wearing these shoes at practically every occasion.


There is a growing trend in weddings for people to wear old school basketball shoes instead of formal shoes. The basketball shoes are meant to reflect a kind of casual nature to the wedding while allowing the wedding party to be comfortable. Sneakers in Australia are available from many different retailers and are even sold at some wedding stores because of their recent popularity.


In some businesses, only Fridays are reserved for casual attire. However, many people are starting to wear sneakers to their jobs all week long. Some people just keep a pair of sneakers in their desks for walking around the office. They might slip into them when they get to work but put on their formal shoes for meetings and official business.

The basketball shoes of the 1920s and the shoes inspired by them are still popular. They are worn at weddings, corporate offices, and basketball games. If you’re looking for versatile shoes that will be appropriate for just about any occasion, you should invest in a few pairs of sneakers. They’ll get you through your day at work, mowing your lawn, and just about anything you might need to wear shoes for.

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