7 Signs You Need Tree Removal Services

Trees are a lovely element to any Australian property. If you have several trees in your yard, they provide several benefits, such as providing shade and boosting the appeal of your home. Sadly, time will come when one of the trees in your yard might pose a safety hazard.  

Depending on the state of a tree, whether it's sick, dying, or already dead for a long time, you might be wondering if you can tackle the task of safely removing it yourself. Although there are several preventive care measures homeowners can handle, there are some tasks that professionals in New South Wales and other areas are more capable of handling. 

If you want to learn how tree removal works, checking out reputable providers of tree removal Sydney and surrounding areas will ensure efficient tree removal service for your property. Below are several signs you need to hire a professional tree removal service to help you out with your tree problem.  

  • 1. Tree Branches About To Fall 

When a storm bringing rain and strong winds passes through your location, it's likely to cause trees with cracking, splitting, or falling branches. Although you might find it tempting to deal with these branches, avoid the task if you don't want to end up with a severe injury.  

After calling a tree removal service, a professional will carry out emergency service and drop by at your home right away. The best way to avoid injuring yourself, damaging your property further, or the tree is to let the professionals handle the task.  

  • 2. Tree In Contact With The Power Lines 

If you see twigs, branches, and leaves almost touching or already mingling with the power lines, it can pose a significant fire hazard, and you need to report it immediately. It's not advisable to cut the trees close to power lines since it can put you, your neighbours, and adjacent properties at risk for fire or other forms of damage.  

When a tree in your yard is touching a power line, it's best to call a professional to handle the task in the safest way possible.  

  • 3. Tree Branches Resting On Your House 

When the branches of a tree in your property start to draw closer to the windows of your home, it'll only take an intense burst of wind for it to break your window panes. Although you'll find it tempting to cut down the branches near your home, it's best to get in touch with a tree removal company.  

A tree removal service will ensure to properly trim the tree on your property. Incorrect pruning of the tree is likely to result in emergencies in the future, especially falling branches that can cause injury to your family, pets, and property. Once you spot a tree branch resting on your home, don't take any chances to remove it yourself.  

  • 4. Exposed Tree Roots  

Various factors such as incorrect pruning can cause a tree to lean on one side, eventually uprooting from the soil and posing a fall hazard. When a tree on your property has an exposed root system, it's best to call a professional

Avoid attempting to brace the tree yourself or wait for it to fall. Remember that you're putting yourself and the people around you at risk. Trees that naturally fall can damage property or even worse, result in a fatality. 

  • 5. Visible Decay 

Although most homeowners often overlook decay on one of the trees on their property, the presence of visible decay is an indication that a tree is steadily deteriorating. Once it starts to rot from the inside out, it'll lose its limbs and branches, posing as a fall hazard as it is severely weakened.  

As soon as you see the signs of decay in a tree, call a professional to carefully assess the tree's condition. In most cases, the tree might survive with prompt and proper treatment, but it’s advised to be prepared for a costly removal job if it’s necessary. 

  • 6. Property Damage From The Root System Of A Tree 

Certain trees have an extensive root system covering a wide area. If you have this type of tree on your property, it might cause problems with your home’s foundations over time. In such instances, it's best to consider uprooting the tree with extensive root growth. If you're able to detect the issue early on, timely removal of the tree can prevent lasting damage.  

  • 7. Fallen Tree 

If you have an expansive property, it might take some time before you notice one of the trees in your vicinity has fallen. But if you're residing in a suburban or urban area, a fallen tree is not hard to miss.  

Once a tree has fallen on your yard and is blocking the road or has caused damage to your property, it’s highly advised to have it removed. The best move is to call a tree removal service to ensure efficient removal of the fallen tree.


Trees are a sight to behold and imparts a touch of nature to any property. Sadly, a time will come when one of the trees in your yard will deteriorate or endures damage from severe weather events. Whether you have a diseased tree or an old one showing signs of deterioration, a professional knows the right solution. Once you notice any of these signs, working with a tree removal service is the best move you'll make.  

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