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A Spotlight on Japan’s Gateways to the Country

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 22 February 2023 - Japan National Tourism Organization Kuala Lumpur Office (JNTO KL) is delighted to share useful updates about Japan's international airports, which are sure to delight Malaysians who are dreaming about traveling to Japan.

1) Tokyo's Haneda Airport expands its leisure and business facilities with the new Haneda Airport Garden

Newly opened this 31 January is the Haneda Airport Garden in Tokyo, Japan. This complex consists of accommodation, retail spaces, bus terminal, spa and other facilities with a direct connection to Haneda Airport International Terminal. Two hotels, Villa Fontaine Premier Haneda Airport and Villa Fontaine Grand Haneda Airport with a total maximum capacity of 1717 rooms are available to meet the diverse needs of tourists and business travelers. On the top floor of the hotel is Izumi Tenku no Yu, a traditional Japanese onsen with natural hot spring waters, and views of both Mount Fuji and airplanes.

Haneda Airport Garden was designed with business in mind too, with MICE facilities, event halls and meeting rooms at the upcoming Belle Salle Haneda Airport. As for accessibility, the nearest station is Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station on the Keikyu Line and Tokyo Monorail, alongside various bus routes that will connect travelers to and from other areas of Japan.

Haneda Airport (HND), also known as Tokyo International Airport, is the closest airport to Tokyo. Find out more about accessibility, services, facilities and more on JNTO's website.

2) Kansai International Airport has unveiled a new domestic area in Terminal 1

The first stage of the Kansai International Airport's renovation works has been completed. Located in Osaka, Japan, this gateway for international travelers has undergone a facelift to improve passengers' experiences, and add more functional commercial spaces including 12 new shops and restaurants showcasing the best of Kansai.

This addition is especially beneficial for international travelers transiting to domestic flights, making layovers and transits convenient and comfortable. This refurbishment is part of the first phase of the airport's renovation, with further improvements expected to be completed around spring 2025 to greet visitors for the World Expo 2025.

For accommodation, OMO Kansai Airport by Hoshino Resorts is a perfect choice. Opening in March 2023 with a total of 700 rooms, this new hotel is directly connected by rail to Kansai International Airport and Shin-Osaka Station. The hotel offers not only the convenience of a smooth check-in/check-out and airport shuttle bus but also has facilities that will make travel more special such as a sky-themed restaurant and rooftop bar overlooking Osaka Bay.

Serving the western area of Japan, Kansai International Airport (KIX) is a popular gateway for many travelers to Japan. Discover more about this airport via JNTO here.

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Japan National Tourism Organization Kuala Lumpur Office

JNTO is a non-profit governmental organization of Japan and JNTO Kuala Lumpur's office is involved in a variety of activities in Malaysia to promote and encourage tourists from Malaysia to consider Japan as a top destination in their travel plans. For more information, visit

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