How to secure your hot water system from damage

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Many households don't think about their water heater system. It's one of those appliances that are often taken for granted until it stops working. The hot water system is usually hidden in a utility closet or placed in a basement where it remains unseen. However, it is essential to know that water heaters work hard to provide hot water to give us warm baths, clean our clothes, and make our pots and pan sparkly. If a water heater is maintained properly, it is expected to last for 12-15 years. You should schedule routine maintenance, so your water heater system to show it some love and of course, to prevent early damage. Below are some things you need to do to secure your water heater to work effectively and keep on running until its expected lifespan or even beyond.

Know the important facts.

First of all, you should know where your hot water system is located. Make sure that you have easy and clear access to it. It is necessary to place it where the plumbing would easy to reach. Know the type of water heater you have in your property. It could be electric, natural gas, propane, or a tankless type water heater. Note some essential codes, such as its model, serial number, capacity, and age. These are information needed for warranty purposes. It's also the details required by a plumber or a repair company.

Give your water heater some space. One of the reasons why you need to clear the area around your water heater is that it can cause a fire hazard if there are items stored too close to it. Another is for you to notice quickly if it begins to leak. This can cause severe damage, and it could also waste energy since the system needs to reheat the water more often. There should be any item around the water heater so it would not be hidden from your view. If your heater is a gas-typed unit, it needs a good supply of oxygen for it to burn the gas so the system could function. If the area around it doesn't have sufficient space, the efficiency of the unit can be affected, and the burner chamber could be damaged as well as some other parts. It is also possible that it would cause carbon monoxide leaks.

Drain your water heater. It is advisable that you drain a few gallons from your water heater using the drain valve at least once a year. This will ensure that your water heater will have a long life. If you see debris while draining, then you must flush or drain the water completely. Debris and other minerals may cause the heater to malfunction. Make sure to turn the temperature down once you perform a full flush. While the drain is open, turn on the water back and let it flow for a few minutes to remove any sediment that has been lingering. After that, close your drain valve and once the tank has been refilled, adjust the thermostat at your desired setting. Check your owner’s manual for other instructions for draining. Now, if you are not comfortable performing this type of maintenance, you can always call a professional plumber in Epping and make an appointment to do the job for you.

Complete an annual checkup. Start by checking for any leaks or any corrosion on the valves and pipes of your water heater. Check if the thermostat is functioning correctly. If you noticed issues like black residue, charred metal or gas smell, you should turn off your system and call a professional to conduct a service to your unit.

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